Four Must-Know Aspects about All on 4 Implants Every Patient Should Know First

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People who are in the process of losing many, if not most, of their teeth – or who have already undergone the process , the wonders of modern dental technology comes to their rescue. Instead of bridges and dentures, however, dentists and their patients consider all on 4 implants as the best option, especially with the lower costs in comparison with the conventional teeth replacement methods.

Before getting all on four implants, below are four aspects to consider. You will be better able to decide whether the all on 4 implants cost, which can range from $13,000 to $29,000 are an option for your dental requirements.


Effect of Teeth Loss

Teeth loss has several serious consequences, especially for younger and older people, which explains the popularity of tooth replacement methods including dentures and implants. These serious consequences can be categorised into:

Physical Health Impact

The loss of several teeth will obviously affect the function of teeth, such as biting and chewing on food, which will have an impact on overall health. The bone that supports the missing teeth will also atrophy (i.e., waste away) resulting in the bone’s top layer and the bones underneath it – the jawbone proper – to starting resorbing (i.e., melt away).

Due to the missing teeth, the affected person may become less comfortable with smiling and laughing as well as talking to others, even kissing. This is not surprising as modern society consider a complete set of healthy (i.e., white with no traces of cavities, tartar, and plaque) teeth as a physical asset.

Less Implants, More Teeth

The technology behind all on four implants enables dentists to perform a minimum number of dental implants yet support a maximum number of replacement teeth. The all on 4 Melbourne-based dentist will then be able to make as few as 4 implants in supporting a full arch, either the upper jaw or lower jaw, of non-removable replacement teeth – and all in a single day!

All on 4 implants are small, screw-shaped posts designed to replace the root of missing teeth particularly the part housed in the bone underneath the gum. These are usually made of titanium, a metal with a unique property of being able to fuse with the surrounding bone (i.e., osseo-integration), thus, its sturdy quality.

All on 4 dental implants look, feel, and function just like real teeth as well as kept in their top condition with the same oral hygiene practices (e.g., regular brushing and flossing). These implants also allow the normal functioning of the entire stomatognathic system including the muscles, jaw joints, and nerves aside from restoring the support for the cheeks and lips.

The result: A fresher facial appearance with full function of the entire mouth system.

Factors Affecting Success

But not every person with missing teeth is considered a good candidate for all on 4 implants. Potential candidates should have the bone structure to support the implants and in relatively good health; underlying medical conditions (e.g., diabetes) and lifestyle habits (e.g., tobacco smoking) are considered in the screening process.

Success will also depend on these factors:

  • The implants must be strategically placed for maximum support.
  • The implants must remain completely immobile once placed in the jawbone, which will allow osseo-integration to happen. Even small forces and minute movements can adversely affect the healing process, thus, patients must adopt a soft diet for the first 6-8 weeks.

Fortunately, the minor sacrifices that comes after the all on 4 implants are well worth the major benefits after the healing period has been completed.

Implant Procedure in a Nutshell

The all on 4 Blackburn dentists will likely adopt the following procedure:

  • Dental examination, which involves a complete physical examination of the teeth, gums and jawbones to determine suitability for the implants as well as determining the initial design for them.
  • Diagnostic examinations, which involves CT scans of the patient’s facial structures.
  • Planning for the implants’ position in the jawbone using computer simulation.
  • Precision surgery, which can be simultaneously performed with extracting the teeth, shaping the bone, and placing the implants.
  • Placement of temporary acrylic replacement teeth, which are directly attached to the implants
  • Recovery period lasting approximately 3 months
  • Replacement of the temporary teeth with the permanent teeth, which are made of stronger materials.
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