Maintaining proper oral hygiene is a must for every age group to avoid any dental problems. But it becomes critical for seniors as they are at high risks of contracting to or developing oral diseases which may lead to other general health issues. For most people, the advancement of age brings a decline in immunity and every infection can cause more troubles than it could have caused at a younger age.

5 Situations to Avoid for good oral health

Let us look at the 5 tricky situations which must be avoided to ensure good oral health.

1. Dry mouth

Aging causes countless changes in a person’s body. You might experience a considerable drop in the secretion of saliva into the mouth. Sometimes it is also caused as a side-effect of medicines and other diseases. This lack of saliva in your mouth can lead to tooth decay because saliva is important to kill the bacteria. The main reason behind plaque is these bacteria.

2. Wear and tear

Like other organs, your teeth also experience wear and tear with age. Teeth chip offs and cracking can happen more frequently than before and the big gaps can trap food particles between them. If not cleaned properly, the food particles can decompose there and cause tooth decay in adjacent teeth and gums.

3. Sensitivity

Gum recession can expose the tooth roots and it causes the nerves to be sensitive to change in temperature. Consuming very cold or hot food or drinks can sear the sensations. An anti-sensitivity toothpaste can be of great help here. But if the problem persists, you should contact your Melbourne dentist because it can indicate deeper problems.

4. Heart diseases

Although there is no proven theory about tooth decay being an independent reason behind cardiovascular diseases, the role of tooth decay is not as insignificant as it looks. Combined with poor diet and other lifestyle problems, tooth decay can cause heart diseases. The most common amongst them is the transfer of plaque from teeth to the veins and arteries leading to atherosclerosis.

5. Denture stomatitis

Wearing dentures for longer durations without proper cleaning can lead to a yeast or fungal infection called stomatitis. It is a redness in the gums where the dentures touch. These red sores can also be present on the corners of your lips. It is mildly painful and may cause dentures to misfit.

How can you avoid all these problems?

  • Easy-to-use toothbrush: If a person has health conditions, such as arthritis, which prevent them from brushing their teeth effectively, dentists suggest taking help from technology. Electronic toothbrushes can help those with dexterity issues and make sure that their teeth are clean.
  • Intake calcium: As we know calcium is good for your teeth and bones, do make sure to intake enough calcium in the form of fruits and dairy products. Your teeth will thank you for this.
  • Avoid sugar and alcohol: Both these substances are bad for your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and produce acids which ruin your teeth. Alcohol affects the covering layer of your teeth known as enamel.
  • Regular visits to the dentists: Timely dental check-ups by dentists can ensure that your teeth are healthy. Treating any anomalies as soon as they appear reduces their damage.

Healthy Smiles Dental Group provides a wide range of dental services for senior patients. We make sure they are relaxed and caused as little discomfort as possible while operating on their teeth. Feel free to visit us for any queries or problems with your teeth. You can call us on 03 9877 2035 to book an appointment.

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