Tooth decay is the most common oral health offender around the world. According to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australians aged 15 and above have an average of 12.8 decayed, missing or filled teeth.

Decayed teeth cause a lot of pain and can be the reason behind plenty of lost work hours. One of the most common ways to treat tooth decay is by root canal method. Dentists try to save as much of your natural teeth as they can and drill out the decay from the pulp of the tooth. The drilled teeth are then filled with permanent sealing material and fixed on top with a crown.

But do you know the tooth decay symptoms which make it compulsory for you to go for root canal treatment? Well, keep reading to know them.

Tooth Decay Symptoms to go for Root Canal Treatment

1. Frequent Toothache

The first sign of dental caries is an intense toothache. It can be a searing sensation which might compel you to take pain-relieving medicines frequently. And at times you may experience that pain relievers are no use either. This is high time you should visit your dentist. There are cases when the pain was only felt while eating something. You should not be inattentive to any kind of toothache.

2. Persistent Sensitivity

Tooth decay often sensitises the root nerve of a tooth which is responsible for causing sensitivity to temperature. Sensitivity kicks in when you eat or drink something very cold or piping hot. The nerve sends a painful signal to the brain about this change in temperature. The severity of the sensitivity can vary depending upon the severity of tooth decay. Do not neglect this sign, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist in case of sensitivity.

3. Discolouration of Tooth

Another sign of tooth decay is a visible discolouration of a tooth. It can also be seen as a tiny dark spot inside a tooth. This discolouration is caused by the germs inside the surface of a tooth. At times people do not feel pain or sensitivity due to tooth decay and the discolouration is the only sign. Therefore, our dentists advise for a regular oral health check-up. You also need to keep a check of the condition your teeth on your own.

4. Swelling or Boils in Gums

When the decay reaches gums, it may cause swelling or a boil-like protrusion in gums known as an abscess. These abscesses are painful and can make you run to the dentists as a dental emergency. The worst part is that when the germs in tooth decay have gone as deep as being able to produce an abscess, they can also travel to other healthy parts of your body. The germs can get to your lungs or brain via nerve cells and cause considerable damage. You need expert dental care at this stage.

5. Chip Off or Crack in Teeth

Tooth decay can also weaken a tooth and cause it to chip off or crack. At times, it can be the other way round as a crack in teeth may invite food particles to get stuck in and decay. Either way, chipped or cracked teeth are bad for your oral health and need to be treated as soon as possible.


These signs are indicative of the need for a possible root canal treatment. However, you can avoid it by taking care of your teeth properly right from the beginning. Following a healthy oral hygiene routine ensures you no such troubles.

If your teeth or gums are also showing any of these symptoms, do not delay the medical attention it needs. Rush to your nearest Bupa dental clinic at Healthy Smiles Dental Group and get the required dental treatment by our expert dentists. You can also call us on 03 9877 2035 to book an online appointment.

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