Nobody likes to land in an alarming situation such as a dental emergency. The panic is high, and you have little time to take the right actions. Not to mention the last-moment rush of selecting an emergency dentist. When things go out of control, you need to visit a dentist.

Wouldn’t it be easy to deal with such a heady task if you were prepared for it beforehand? Yes, it helps a lot to know where you are heading in case of a dental emergency. But how do you select the best emergency dentist? And do you know about the vital considerations you must make when looking for an emergency dentist? To make things smooth, we have prepared a quick read for you.

5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Selecting an Emergency Dentist

Let us look at the list of the 5 most important things which you must consider before selecting an emergency dentist.

1. Are they available for a dental emergency?

First things first. Not all the dentists are available for dental emergencies round the clock. Therefore, you need to make sure that the emergency dentist you plan on visiting, is available in the hour of need. An easy way to do this is enquiring about their work hours and availability for dental emergencies. You can also get this information over the internet on various platforms such as their website.

2. What is the age group they are most comfortable to treat?

Not unlike your favourite subject of study or the genre of music you like to hear the most, dentists also tend to have their specialisations. Since dentistry is a vast subject, every dentist can follow their preferences of serving a treatment or a definite group of age. You need to make sure whether you fall under the age group which a dentist is the most comfortable to treat.

3. What is their proximity to your home?

Imagine driving for miles at a stretch with a bleeding tooth! Painfully gross, right? You don’t want to travel longer in case of emergencies. An emergency dental near you will be your priority. Hence, when selecting a 24/7 emergency dentist, do not forget to consider the distance you need to traverse before getting the treatment.

4. Do they accept your dental insurance plan?

Aren’t emergencies and the costs arising out of them the root cause we subscribe to insurance covers? When enquiring other things, you can also ask about the available payment plans and whether they accept your dental insurance plan. Having not to worry about the payments when in need can take a huge burden off your shoulders.

5. What is the quality of care and facilities that they provide?

Quality matters. Last but not the least, also consider the quality of their services and the facilities provided by them at their clinic. Quality of services can be determined by knowing the experiences of past patients. You can read reviews or talk to previous patients. While you can be sure about the facilities provided by the dentist by visiting their clinic personally.

An emergency dentist may or may not be providing dentistry services to needful in unfavourable circumstances. For example, our dedicated team of dentists at Healthy Smiles Dental Group in Blackburn are open for all your emergency dental care needs.

We are observing all the official guidelines to fight against COVID-19 and are here to provide you with the best dental emergency services when you need them the most. We keep separate time for dental emergencies in our schedule and provide more than one dental payment plans.

In case of any dental emergencies or routine oral health check-ups, you can visit our clinic or call us on 03 9877 2035 for more information.

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