You may have several options when it comes to picking a good dentist. It is likely that you pick the one that provides outstanding services. Comprehensive patient care, personalised services and treatments, a comfortable and hygienic environment, and treatments using advanced technologies are some of our ways of offering our services. We seek to provide our patients with premium quality dental treatment, seven-star customer service in a congenial environment.

1. Relaxing Lounge Area and Treatment Rooms

Relaxing Lounge Area and Treatment Rooms-blackburn dentistsWe understand that many patients who come to visit us suffer from dental anxieties. It is likely that most of us may not be comfortable with dental check-ups. The waiting area at Healthy Smiles has been set up to help you relax. Fresh green plants, soothing and lightly played music and tranquillity lit space instantly uplifts your mood. You sip on a cup of coffee or tea while waiting for your turn. dentist blackburn-Our treatment rooms are equipped with ceiling TVs to keep you entertained while we work on your smile.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with ceiling TVs to keep you entertained while we work on your smile.

 2. Comprehensive Dental Care and Treatments in a Single Location

Comprehensive Dental Care and Treatments in a Single Location

We believe in providing easy dental care to you and your family. Healthy Smiles has a large team of dental practitioners, experts in different fields of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry & oral hygiene, and other staff who are trained in various areas of dental and patient care available under one roof. From regular dental check-ups to custom-creating dental implants, all the tests and treatments are available in a single clinic at Healthy Smiles. We save you the trouble of shuttling between places to receive dental treatments.

3. Advanced Technology

full mouth x-rays on site at blackburn dentist

Healthy Smiles believes in keeping up with the latest technologies available in the dental industry. We are committed to providing advanced treatment modalities with the best technological tools available. Using the latest methods and equipment leads to precise work, quick recovery, and superb results. All our dentists are trained and practised with the art of using this state-of-art equipment and tools. Thousands of patients have already benefitted from the modern treatments imparted to them and are owners of a beautiful and confident smile.

4. Comfort During the Treatment

Comfort During the Treatment

The comfort of the patient has always been our priority. Considering the patient may be anxious when actually undergoing the treatment, we have placed comfortable dental chairs. For patients who don’t wish to see their dentist at work or are uncomfortable with the sounds of the tools used; we offer eye masks, noise-reducing headphones, scented towels, and plush blankets to help you relax.

5.  Compassionate and Affordable Dentistry Blackburn and Surrounds 

Compassionate and Affordable Dentistry Blackburn and Surrounds

Dental treatments, especially the more complicated ones, maybe on the expensive side. Several dental treatments may be covered under insurance but there are most that insurance companies may not cover. On the other hand, there are several patients who may not have insurance at all. Healthy Smiles offers interest-free payment plans to all our customers. They can get their treatment done and pay in easy instalments. We try to give an accurate estimate for the cost of treatment after the consultation session so patients have clarity of what their expenses would be.

6. Dental Appointments Made Easy

With the busy schedules that each of us has, it is usually difficult to squeeze in an appointment with us. We value good oral health and thus, Healthy Smiles offers weekend appointments and emergency appointments for you. We are strategically located providing you with easy access through different public transport. Once you are a part of Healthy Smiles, we will remind you about your next visit with us through messages or emails. We also have an active team of front desk staff who will promptly answer your queries or questions over the phone.

Healthy Smiles is committed to delivering premium services to all patients. We strive to exceed their expectations by demonstrating a passion for excellence at the treatments offered to them. You can book a dental appointment online with us or reach out to us on the below contact details:

Healthy Smiles Dental Group

Address: 152 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South, VIC 3130

Phone Number: 03 9877 2035

WhatsApp Number: 0420676453

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