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Don't Let Bad Breath Take Over Your Romantic Plans

There's no annual calendar event that bad breath could spoil more than Valentine's Day. Imagine your spouse expelling a horrible stench out of their mouth as they chat to you over a romantic dinner. Even worse than that – what if the bad breath culprit was you? 

Look Like a Professional Playing Sport

Mouthguards can bring you a world of benefits on field.
Mouthguards made news headlines several times last year with Rugby players being fined for wearing sponsored ones. Though, that doesn't mean you have to be a professional sport star to wear them. 

Dental Myths
MYTH: There Is No Need In Seeing A Dentist If There Is No Visible Problem With My Teeth.
TRUTH: You must see your dentist twice a year, no matter what condition your teeth are in at the moment. If a problem has developed since your last visit, it can be resolved in the very early stages. Early de- tection and treatment of a problem is also more economical

MYTH: Not Brushing Causes Bad Breath
TRUTH: There are many other factors for bad breath( also know as halitosis). When the body ingests unpleasant smelling foods, such as garlic or onions, the odour remains until the body passes the food. Drinkers, smokers, dieters and sufferers of gastro- intestinal infections and sinusitis can also have chronic bad breath.

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