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News from Healthy Smiles Dental Group, July 2013

Overcoming teeth grinding habits

Dear Andrew

There are a number of mind and body factors that contribute to excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding, and because it can often occur during sleep, many people often have no control over their actions.

The mix of factors is complicated and can include:
Stress, from work, relationships or other forms of mental tension
Physical stress on your body such as prolonged sickness
Poor nutrition
Physical abnormalities in your jaw or teeth
Should I get my teeth fixed overseas?

Cheaper treatments often mean a poorer quality service that doesn’t adhere to Australian dental standards.

Who wouldn't want to kill two birds with one stone and escape on an adventure to an exotic destination such as Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica or even India? Not only would your blissful holiday be paid for, but so would your extensive dental work – all for the same price as having the same equivalent procedure completed in Australia.

It all sounds so enticing when you're only focusing on the financial cost and not the risks involved.

Interesting Facts about Bad Oral Health
  • 87% of respondents saying discoloured teeth impact ones’ overall appearance with 62% admitting it is a future worry.
  • Nearly a quarter of the population say they would never even consider dating someone with discoloured teeth and another 30% would make their partner whiten their teeth.
  • Over 60% of Aussies are self-conscious about their teeth with 10% saying they always make sure they close their mouth in photos.

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