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News from Healthy Smiles Dental Group, March 2013

Encouraging Great Oral Health this Easter

Dear Andrew Ramsay

Chocolate is okay if you're following a great dental routine.
It's impossible to keep away from chocolate this Easter. We're just into 2013 and already Easter eggs are lining the supermarket shelves. So as a parent, what do you do when your child is desperately tugging on your hand at the checkout in a plea to buy them chocolate?
Do you know about Xylitol candy? 

Xyilitol candy is a lot better for your teeth and gums this Easter.
Americans aren't the only citizens around the world benefitting from Xylitol; a natural sugar alternative. Now, Australians and New Zealanders can reap the perks of eating candy without having to worries about any detrimental health effects.  
Interesting Facts About Bad Oral Health
  • 70% of people resort to using their fingernail to scrape plaque off their teeth and a further 20% admit to using a pin. Other strange tools include scissors, earrings and a stanley knife!
  • When asked about their biggest turnoffs in a partner almost 70% of Australians say bad breath is worse than body odour and an unkempt appearance.
  • 76% admit to actually going out of their way to avoid someone because of their bad breath.

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