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News from Healthy Smiles Dental Group, May 2013

Is smoking ruining my teeth?

Dear Andrew Ramsay

Learn how smoking can be hazardous to your health.

When the impact of smoking cigarettes is debated, the first argument to be pointed out is the detrimental affect it has on a person's lungs. But make no mistake – cigarettes are doing damage inside your mouth too. 

Dental Tax Rebate

Are you entitled to a dental tax rebate this financial year?

When tax time arrives, many Australian citizens are unaware that they could very well apply for a taxation rebate and consequently get some money back for their out of pocket net dental expenses.

So read on, learn and find out whether you're eligible for a dental tax rebate in the 2012/13 financial year upon lodging your Australian tax return... 

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Dentipedia is a rich online collection of articles and tips that aim to help explain the often complex dental procedures and treatments available today. With information ranging from a common toothache to the complex procedure of a dental implant - Dentipedia is a helpful tool to help imrpove your family's oral health.

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