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News from Healthy Smiles Dental Group, November 2013

The Children's Dental Benefit Schedule: Helping kids to grow up smiling

Dear Andrew

You may have heard the news about the new dental benefit replacing the current Medicare Teen Dental Plan (MDTP).

If you haven't, it's the perfect opportunity to get up to speed with the new policy and how it may be able to help your children maintain good oral health and achieve that bright smile that will last them through to adulthood.
Children's oral health showing encouraging signs

Recent research has revealed that children's oral health is improving. The Australian Dental Association describe this news as encouraging and attribute this trend to the promotion of proper brushing and regular check-ups.

Dental Myths

  • MYTH: Baby Teeth Are Not That Important
  • TRUTH: Baby teeth should be treated with the same care as adult teeth. If neglected, they can fall out sooner, resulting in crooked or malformed adult teeth.
  • MYTH: It’s Okay To Swallow Mouthwash
  • TRUTH: Mouthwashes are not meant to be ingested as they contain high levels of alcohol. The long terms affects of swallowing mouthwash can be dangerous and should be avoided.
  • MYTH: Leave Wisdom Teeth In Until They Bother You
  • TRUTH: Once a wisdom tooth has become impacted, or misaligned, it can lead to problems such as an infection or periodontitis. A good rule to remember is to get them removed earlier as the procedure is easier and comes with less complications.

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Copyright © 2013 Healthy Smiles Dental Group

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