It is a Monday morning and you experience sudden pain in your lower front teeth. But you must rush to work and start a whole new week! Or you experience that sickening pain in your molars the day before your best friend’s wedding, and you have no time to spare. So, you pop in a pain-reliever and try to forget about your teeth hurting. It has been ages since that incident, and you are still experiencing the pain. Does this sound familiar?

Well in most cases, an average adult avoids visiting the dentist citing plausible or even vague excuses at times. One way to make sure that your oral health doesn’t deteriorate because of this delay is sedation dentistry which involves sedating the patient to perform dental surgeries.

What is Twilight Sedation?

This method of sedation is also known as IV sedation. It is a form of sleep dentistry where, as the name suggests, intravenous sedatives are administered to the patient before the surgery. IV sedation makes patients less aware of the pain and helps instil a sense of calmness in them throughout the dental procedure.

IV sedation is beneficial over other sedation methods in many ways. Keep reading to know more.

5 Phenomenal Advantages of Twilight Sedation You Should Know

1. Beneficial for those with dental anxiety

Dental anxiety can be simply described as the fear of dental surgery equipment, dental clinics, and everything related to visiting a dentist. The fear of a dentist’s chair is common and mostly stems from past bad experiences. For all those who avoid seeing a dentist, twilight sedation is a revolutionary way to end the turmoil once and forever. Patients can relax throughout the dental procedure without feeling anxious.

2. Sleep can be customised

A dental procedure might last for around 30 minutes to 2 hours. Using IV sedation enables anaesthetists and dentists to regulate the flow of sedatives as required. In other words, the level of sleep is customised as the dose of sedative changes. It is also helpful to provide patients with the choice of sedatives that suits them.

3. Minimal memory of the procedure

Using IV sedation makes a patient sleepy and light-headed. Although a patient may not choose to sleep at all and is aware of the surrounding, IV sedation leaves little room for retaining the painful memories of the dental procedure. A painless dental procedure experience is what a patient needs to be motivated to visit dentists regularly.

4. Maximum comfort

The main aim of sedation dentistry is to provide patients with a comfortable dental surgery experience. Twilight sedation helps deliver just that and more. Patients suffering from other injuries due to an accident can also stay relaxed and feel comfortable due to the right amount of sedatives mixed with pain-relievers. Twilight sedation also provides dentists with the right space to operate on a patient’s teeth when the patient is comfortably lying in the chair without any resistance.

5. Helpful for patients with a severe gag reflex

People suffering from severe gag reflex have a hard time keeping their mouth open for longer durations. Going through dental surgery is a nightmare for such patients. But twilight sedation solves this problem without much ado. Patients can relax and have a comfortable experience under the influence of sedation.

Added advantages of going through IV sedation dentistry at Healthy Smiles

You can get all the rebates you are entitled to by producing your Medicare card, as all our specialist anaesthetists are registered with Medicare. We engage registered specialist anaesthetists to work in conjunction with our dentists during all general and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Also, our dentists and anaesthetists conduct a thorough interview of the patient before suggesting the dental treatment to avoid issues later. We encourage patients to be open and share all their medical history to help us determine whether they are the right candidate for twilight sedation. As with all other surgical treatments, there are certain risks and limitations with twilight sedation, which can be avoided with proper knowledge about a patient’s medical past.

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