Can you remember your first visit to the dentist?

Maybe you were made to wait in a sterile white waiting room, with no toys, games or kids' TV shows to comfort you and ease your nerves.

Thankfully today, more dental practices such as ours, have focused on becoming more child-friendly, incorporating special touches such as dinosaur-print scrubs, rainbow-coloured masks and a cosy kids' corner.

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), your child's first birthday is the ideal time to take them for their first dental check-up.


It's natural for your child to feel anxious, especially with big lights and chairs around, but you can help to

Child's First Dental Visit

calm their nerves by carefully selecting your dentist, and we pride ourselves on our work with children.

Features such as colourful rooms and uniforms, kids' toys, child-sized dental chairs and a friendly team can go a long way toward making your child feel more at ease.

What to expect in your visit

The dentist will assess your child's face and jaw for any signs of alignment issues, and then proceed to check your child's tooth development, and that the erupted teeth are in good condition.

Tips, advice and other instructions may then be issued by the dentist to help you take the best care of their teeth.

Tips to prepare your child

  • Emphasise the positive points of going to the dentist, such as learning how to care for their own teeth and sitting in the special dental chair.
  • Read them a children's book about visiting the dentist to help inform your child about what goes on during a visit.
  • Role play at home a dental check, so they know what will happen in their visit.
  • Arrange your appointment at a time when your child's most alert and relaxed - not just before naptime is due!

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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