When it comes to their children's dentistry, most parents tend to have a tough time in deciding the kind of dental care needed by their children. Questions like whether if their child needs braces or even regular flossing keep bothering them. Some tend to be worried about the cavities that children tend to get and don't know how to prevent them.

Here are some important points that can help you in all the important aspects of children's dentistry. If you want to delve deeper into the topic, you can get more information at our dental practice with a one-on –one consultation with one of our children loving dentists.

Taking care of your child's teeth

Dental care does not begin with the appearance of the first tooth of the child, rather it needs to be started much before that. According to researches, the teeth formation in a baby starts in the second trimester during pregnancy. Most babies tend to have a set of 20 primary teeth, most of which are completely formed in the jaw.

Basic care

It is important to clean the gums of an infant with a clean and damp washcloth, so that the bacterium built up does not occur in the gums. When the teeth start to show, then they can be cleaned with gauze or a soft children's toothbrush.


Many parents tend to let their kids sleep with a bottle. While this may help them in making the child sleep faster and longer, it causes a lot of dental decay in the long run. Milk or the juices have sugar in them, which can corrode the enamel and cause a problem known as bottle mouth. The classic symptoms of this condition are discoloured front teeth, which may even be pitted or pocked along with cavities in the advanced stages. Therefore, bottle-feeding while sleeping or throughout the day needs to be avoided and it should only be done during specific timings.

Children's dentistry problems

These days there are number of paediatric dentist who are well trained in all kinds of children's dentistry problems. They also help in preventing any kind of oral problems besides treating the existing ones. Daily care advice along with routine checkups is some of the aspects of a paediatric dentist's job profile. If you suspect a problem, you can locate a dentist in your area such as ourselves. Moreover, if your child needs further treatment, your paediatric dentist may even be able to refer you to an oral surgeon or orthodontist for other issues.

Prevention is better than cure

Most dentists recommend that children need to visit their local dentist before their first birthday to prevent any children's dentistry problems. This will help the parents to understand and follow the right kind of flossing and brushing techniques and also enable the dentist to conduct an oral examination while the baby sits on his mother's lap. Generally, dentists are the most feared doctors amongst the adults.

Hence, it's better to help the children to get used to such oral examinations and dental visits to eliminate this fear from the very beginning. It can also help in nipping any problem in the bud. One of the things we recommend all mothers is to bring all the children with them on their regular check-ups and reviews. This helps establish association and familiarise the child with the surroundings of the dental practice.

Some healthy habits

It is also important to inculcate some good habits in children right from the beginning for great oral hygiene. Parents need to ensure that their children brush their teeth after eating, drinking beverages and even taking any kind of medications since many of them may contain sugar. Brushing twice a day is absolutely vital for the well being of the teeth and gums. Parents need to make sure that they keep a watch on their toddlers while they brush so that they don't swallow the toothpaste and only spit it.


While prevention is indeed the best way, sometimes, due to factors like genetic disposition or even environmental causes, children tend to develop issues with their teeth. The most tell tale symptom in this case is a toothache. Hence, it's important that any kind of toothache is not ignored and is examined by the doctor.

These are some of the vital points of children's dentistry that need to be taken care of. However, this is hardly a drop in ocean in this vast subject of children's dentistry. There are some great dental clinics in Melbourne where you can discuss your problems and get a great solution as well.

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