Your teeth are not just important from the nutritional point of view but also have a number of other functions as well. They help you to look good, enhance your smile and even help you to talk well. However, due to the introduction of fast foods, sodas and other such foods, more and more people are facing problems with dental hygiene. As a result preventive dentistry has now become more important than ever. For those people whose teeth have been damaged beyond repair, implant dentistry is a good option as well.

Though the loss of teeth can be attributed to many different reasons, the primary cause is periodontal disease. This condition causes the degeneration of the supporting bone and connective tissue structure. The primary cause of this disease is improper dental hygiene, which initially causes Gingivitis. The main cause of this dental condition is dental plaque built up. In addition to cleansing, and brushing your teeth, you should have regular visits to your dental to prevent this. Brushing your teeth is absolutely vital at least twice a day as it helps in removing all kinds of food residues.

Here are some aspects that are a part of preventive dentistry and help in preventing all sorts of problems related to dental hygiene:

Flossing and brushing

Though it has been mentioned earlier, brushing is a vital aspect of preventive dentistry. Whether you are eating a complete meal or just enjoying a snack, the food particles get lodged between your teeth. These minute particles then start decaying which leads to the infestation of bacteria and other pathogens, Hence, it's important to brush for at least two minutes for great results. Techniques like sulcus technique can be learnt from your dental hygienist to take care of your teeth.

Dentifrice selection

Many people tend to constantly change from one dentifrice to another every now and then. Some tend to even go back to the nature and use items like baking soda and pastes of different kinds. The idea is that when you select the right kind of toothpaste and toothbrush you need to use it for a considerable period of time in order to let it work on your teeth. You can speak to one of our dentists at Healthy Smiles to determine the right choice of toothpaste and brush for your dental condition.

Tongue cleaning

People often tend to clean their teeth and ignore their tongue, which does not allow complete dental hygiene. Despite cleaning your teeth, you may still develop infections if you don't clean your tongue since it also houses many pathogens. Moreover, tongue cleaning is also essential for a good breath. Most dental hygienist advises the use of a tongue cleaner for this purpose.


 Flossing needs to be done at least once during the day. It helps in cleaning areas that are not accessible by a toothbrush and prevent plaque built up and cavities.

Teeth irrigation

An important aspect of a good dental hygiene is irrigating your teeth and gums daily. This is essential for a number of reasons. It can aid in the removal of food particles that tend to get trapped in the gums and cause the bacterial growth. It can also enhance the circulation of blood in your gums by massaging them. These days there are a number of teeth irrigation devices that can help you to irrigate your teeth and gums within seconds.

Consult professionals

Regularly visiting a dental hygienist is an important aspect of preventive dentistry. Your dental hygienist should be able to give you at least 45 to 60 minutes of his time to cure problems and suggest or even perform remedies. Regular visits can help in maintaining the dental hygiene for you and your family. Consult one of our dentists to establish a suitable preventive care program for yourself at our practice.


If you want your teeth to last for a lifetime, then you need to eat well. Nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus are not just important for adults and children but also infants and pregnant ladies. You need to avoid food items rich in simple sugars and indulge in more complex carbohydrates and proteins.

If you want teeth which last for a lifetime, you need to take care of them along with your dental hygienist. Taking out time for your teeth is an important aspect of preventive dentistry and helps in maintaining your teeth in the long run.

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