These days it is quite easy to avoid the humiliation, pain and the complications that result from damaged or broken teeth. Dental technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last two decades. The days of spending long hours at the dentist's office are long gone. These days, smiles can be restored with same day porcelain restoration, dental crowns, cerec crowns and porcelain crowns and porcelain inlays.

Nowadays, different processes can be used to rehabilitate the teeth depending on the aesthetic factors, damage to the teeth, and extent of the decay and location of the tooth. However, this progress has not been an overnight journey. It has taken years of research and experimentation to reach this modern age of same day porcelain restorations.

The smaller problems were always easy to tackle for an expert dentist. However, complicated cases like root canal problems, fractures, and large cavities in the back teeth need a lot of complex procedures. There are times when cosmetic rehabilitation is required by both front and the back teeth, which means that the dentist cannot use filling materials. He needs to resort to materials like porcelain that are more aesthetic, durable and stronger. This porcelain is used to make porcelain crowns, porcelain over lays and porcelain veneers.

Earlier, the porcelain restoration of the teeth involved a number of processes like teeth preparation, creation of the impression or the mould that was then built by the dental technician. This process could last for six or more weeks. In the interim, the patient used acrylic restorations or temps, which were quite uncomfortable and prone to breakage. The advent of new technology made dentists research and led to the creation of same day porcelain restorations, which eliminated the need for acrylic restorations and repeated visits to the dentist. This technology helped in creating porcelain veneers, porcelain on lays, porcelain crown and cerec crowns.

These days, same day porcelain restorations are a matter of minutes. It takes less than an hour to restore a single tooth with the porcelain restorations. This is also true for more complicated cases by using hi-tech gadgets like CAD/CAM or Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing.

The procedure resembles a routine dentistry procedure. Local anaesthesia helps in numbing all the sensations and the teeth are prepared for the process. The function of a mould has been taken over by an webcam which helps in scanning the teeth. This is faster and painless process as compared to the traditional mould measuring. This image is used to create a three dimensional model of the teeth with a computer. The design is use d for the creation of porcelain crowns, veneers, porcelain onlays and porcelain inlays.  After the designing and other aspects are taken care of, the machine is used to create restoration which is then readied for permanent bonding and resin as opposed to conventional cementation of metal crowns.

Most people are under the wrong impression concerning porcelain restoration work. The misconception is that same day work such as this will not hold up as well as compared to the traditional ones. However that is not true. CADCAM machines are as good or even better than humans. The restorations by these machines are accurate and precise. Same day porcelain restorations can help you to enhance and restore your smile in a single visit. More importantly newer porcelain materials are more biocompatible and have the same strength comparable to natural tooth structure when bonded in place making them perfect solutions for large  cavities or cracked portions of teeth.

Dental crowns or tooth caps can be easily made from CEREC CAD/CAM systems. These dental crowns can help in the restoration of the functions and beauty of the tooth. These porcelain crowns can also help in enhancing the strength of a tooth that has been cracked or damaged. The porcelain on lays can also help in the restoration of a missing tooth , by saving 20-30% good structure if possible.

These are just some of the benefits of using same day porcelain restorations. Whether your teeth have been damaged due to an accident, lack of oral hygiene or any other factors, they can be completely restored with the help of same day porcelain restorations. A good smile makes all the difference in life. It helps in enhancing your self-esteem, making you popular amongst your friends and even attracting love. Damaged or discoloured teeth can take away all the good things of life and leave you to experience the pain of loneliness. At Healthy Smiles, damaged or discoloured teeth can be restored by same day porcelain restorations and your smile can be completely restored and enhanced!

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