The last century has seen a substantial progress in the field of smile enhancement and smile dentistry. New innovations and inventions have led to new dental procedures involving ceramic veneers, which are now more accessible and can be easily afforded by the common man.

The quality of our smile plays an important role in our lives. Regardless of the culture, language or even religion, a smile is a universal symbol of love and friendship that is even recognized by newborns.  A beautiful smile can help you a great deal in attracting true love and even a great job. However, with age, various processes like chips, gaps, crowding, overlapping and discoloration can ruin our teeth, which impact our smile. Luckily, the advent of smile dentistry and smile enhancement procedures has led to the development of some easy solutions to these problems.

Smile enhancement processes is quite different from the conventional dentistry procedures since they are more focused on the cosmetic aspects rather than the regular issues like periodontal disease, deep cleaning, root canals, cavities, tooth aches and the conventional processes of tooth maintenance.

Smile enhancement has increasingly become popular amongst the young and the old as it helps people to enhance their appearance, look younger and even achieve their professional or personal goals. Smile dentistry involves a number of procedures and dental treatments that focus on enhancing the looks of a person.

Here are some of the procedures that form an intrinsic part of smile dentistry:

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

During the last decade, dental implants have increasingly become popular over bridges and dentures. These are a perfect remedy for the loss of teeth resulting from medical trauma, poor maintenance of the teeth or even age related issues. Though dental implants are more expensive as compared to the conventional dentures, but they are also one of the best options for enhancing your smile and even eating normally despite the loss of teeth.

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Nowadays, million-dollar smile is not just a prerogative of the rich and famous. It is easily accessible to the masses through a number of teeth whitening procedures. Over the counter whiteners are becoming more popular with people who cannot afford some of the more expensive smile enhancement procedures. However, the over the counter remedies are not as effective as smile dentistry in terms of the quality and durability. The smile enhancement procedure is more efficient in dealing with problems like teeth discoloration resulting from smoking excessively or diseases.


Dental Veneers


Dental Veneers

​Dental veneers are recommended to those people who have not been able to enhance their smile with the conventional teeth whitening treatments. The treatment basically involves covering the affected teeth with a protective shell. It can also be used to restore the appearance of a tooth that has been broken or chipped. Dental veneers also help in filling up large and prominent gaps between teeth. Porcelain or ceramic veneers are the most commonly used dental veneers these days. Nowadays, dental veneers are designed individually for each patient so that they can match with their tooth shade. Creating the perfect dental veneers is a matter of skill and artistic ability.


Dental Fillings


Dental Fillings

​Most people feel that dental fillings are a part of the conventional dentistry procedures rather than smile dentistry. However, due to the recent technological advancements the dental fillings are no longer the conventional gold, grey or silver but are made to match the colour of your teeth that renders them invisible. As a result, they help in enhancing your smile and are an important part of smile dentistry.


Though all these procedures are designed for smile enhancement, maintaining that smile depends solely on the individual. These procedures need to be followed with proper dental care, which involves maintaining a good dental hygiene. Most people undermine the importance of regular brushing and flossing which can go a long way in maintaining those pearly whites.

Excessive caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption can even eat away your dental veneers. They can also eat away the enamel of the healthier teeth and cause gum disease.

A nutritional diet rich in Vitamin D and calcium can help in making your teeth strong and healthy. Dairy products, green leafy vegetables and fish are some of the well-known sources of calcium and vitamin D.

These are some of the well-known smile enhancement techniques that dentists use at Healthy Smiles to he can help you to smile your way to your goals and dreams!

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