Most people believe that wisdom teeth actually appear when the person starts getting wiser and of course older. However, this has not been proved by any kind of research. Most scientists actually believe that wisdom teeth are nothing but a vestigial organ in the man's body from the very prehistoric times. In the early ages, our ancestors needed a wider and a bigger jaw, which could help them to eat and hunt better. With the advent of time, though the jaw has become smaller, wisdom teeth still appear at about 17 to 24 years of age.

Some people have four wisdom teeth while others may just have two or even may not have them at all. Wisdom teeth don't hurt, as long as they have enough space to appear. Some times when the space is not enough, they tend to emerge sideways, which can cause a lot of swelling and infection. Most people don't even notice it till it is too late and painful and forces them to contemplate wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal is the best and the safest option for people who are experiencing different problems related to wisdom teeth. Antibiotic may be a temporary cure for the resulting infection, however, it is not a long-term solution. The common reasons for wisdom teeth removal are impacted teeth that do not make it all the way through the gum, lack of space in the mouth, causing crowding, which can lead to complications with the other teeth. Some people may not develop any such problems and have their teeth, whereas others have to seek surgery and medical intervention.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Preparation

When scheduling and preparing for wisdom teeth removal surgery, there are some things that need to be taken care of beforehand. You will be asked to sign a consent form that explains the procedure as well as the aftercare involved. Smokers are advised not to smoke, as it may lead to complication, some of which are very painful, such as dry socket. Additionally, a patient is informed about how to brush their teeth during the healing process and what foods should be avoided, if any. Once these requirements are met the patient is ready for the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal


The operation to remove wisdom teeth removal is quite an easy one. Anaesthesia is administered to the patient in order to avoid pain; this generally wears off 4 to 6 hours after the procedure, at which point pain medication is prescribed. The duration of the procedure is dependent upon the strength of the teeth and whether there is any form of impaction. Upon completion of the operation and once the patient regains consciousness, the doctor examines him or her for any possible complications before releasing them to go home accompanied by written instructions. On average, the stitches are removed in around ten days, however this varies from case to case.

In rare cases, the patient may experience a lot of pain or even bleeding, which may call for immediate medical attention. Other side effects of the surgery may include upper or lower lip numbness, irritation, and stiffness in the jaw. Some may even experience problems in breathing and high fever. In such cases, it is important to refer to your doctor so that he can take care of the problem immediately. Most of these problems can be prevented with the right post-operative care.

Something that is very common for this surgery is the inability to eat many foods for the first week. Many resort to only consuming ice chips, milk shakes, hell-o, puddings and such. However, these foods do not help with recovery, so keep in mind that after surgery your body needs to get adequate nutrition to speed up the healing process. It is imperative that foods that require a slurping or suction action be avoided, as just like smoking it can lead to a dry socket. Additionally, acidic foods should also be avoided since citric acid may impact the highly sensitised gums.

Wisdom Teeth – Post Removal


Post wisdom teeth removal, it is important to ensure a good amount of protein in the diet for the repair of the impacted muscles. Beans and bread dabbed with peanut butter, brown rice, beans, and soups are some good. Cooked vegetables are easy to chew and soft. They are rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Fruit juices, applesauce and fruit purees that are not high in citric acid can also be eaten.  Milk and cottage cheese are high in protein and calcium, which is needed by the body for the healing processes.

Wisdom teeth removal can be an easy process if proper care is taken before and after the surgery!

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