Oral health in Australian children is declining rapidly. According to the National Child Oral Health Study conducted by the University of Adelaide, tooth decay has been experienced by nearly half of children by the age of 9-10.

One of the main reasons behind this poor state of oral health in children can be the lack of proper nutrition. Dentists have long been advocating a proper diet routine for growing children. To have strong teeth it is important to provide the necessary nutrition to children.

5 Best Foods for Your Kid’s Oral Health.

Let us see the food items which are beneficial for your kid’s oral health.

1. Apples

Apples are a source of many vitamins and nutrients that are important for healthy functioning of significant organs. For teeth, apples play the part of natural cleaners. The crunchiness in apples is quite useful to remove the plaque deposited over the enamel of teeth.

On the bright side, kids love to eat apples. Assuming this, it shall not be difficult to make your kid eat apples too.

2. Green leafy vegetables

You may already know that green leafy vegetables are loaded with nutrition and their fibre content also improves digestion. One of these green gifts from nature is particularly helpful for overall health. Besides being rich in iron and antioxidants, Spinach is also a major source of beta-carotene. It is particularly useful for building a strong enamel. Teeth with strong enamel can fight well against tooth decay and do not break or chip off easily while chewing hard food.

If your child is reluctant about eating green vegetables, you need to make them understand their importance and ensure that they are consumed.

3. Orange

Scurvy is a condition caused due to the lack of vitamin C. It is responsible for fatigue, weakness, sore arms and legs. In advanced stages, it may also cause the gums to bleed. The best remedy is to provide your children with natural sources of vitamin C.

Oranges are naturally hydrating and rich with vitamin C which makes sure that there are no possible risks of developing scurvy. If your kid doesn’t like to eat raw oranges, you can also make them have it as orange juice.

4. Fish

Most fish are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. While omega 3 makes your children’s heart healthier, vitamin D is necessary for strong teeth and jawbone. The most favoured fish in terms of nutrition for teeth is salmon.

You can find and follow the recipes to cook fish while keeping most of their nutritional values intact. Also combine the fish meal with a healthy salad with green vegetables to make it a perfect meal for your kid’s teeth.

5. Yogurt

Dairy products are a sure shot way to gain calcium. Milk is the most preferred option, but if your kid doesn’t like milk, you can also give them yogurt. Calcium is beneficial in improving the health and density of all the bones, including teeth and jawbone. Only make sure that the yogurt is unsweetened as we know sugar is harmful to teeth. All dairy products are high in calcium and you can provide your kids with anyone of their choice.

When they don’t eat healthy

In case your child needs encouragement to eat all these foods, you may take help from their favourite comic characters. Make stories and relate them to eating healthy foods. They will be more than willing to have strong teeth like their favourite characters.

Ensure healthy oral hygiene along with healthy diet

Given the list of food sources helpful for the health of your child’s teeth, you must follow a healthy diet as well as oral hygiene routine.

  • Brush their teeth twice a day: with little amounts of toothpaste containing preferable levels of fluoride for kids.
  • Visit your dentist regularly: visiting the dentist for regular oral check-ups every 6 months can make sure your kids have fewer issues with their teeth.
  • Instil healthy habits: ask your kids to rinse their mouth with plain water after every meal, keep a check on sugar consumption and make sure they don’t go to bed without brushing their teeth. These habits from early childhood can be carried on to adulthood.

For a thorough dental check-up of your kid’s teeth, visit Healthy Smiles Dental Group in Blackburn. Our dentists are experienced in children dentistry and kids love to get treated by us. Call us on 03 9877 2035 to book an appointment.

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