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Root Canal Treatment

4 Reasons for Root Canal Treatment

The structure of a tooth is made up of various layers. The innermost part is made up of a soft substance and is known as pulp. This pulp is connected to a nerve which further gets attached to the sensory network of nerve
Microscope dentistry

6 Key Reasons Why Dentists Should Be Using Microscope Dentistry

Microscopes have revolutionised dentistry. Using a high-end microscope attached to a big screen has its advantages. Delicate dental treatments that were prolonged for achieving precision can now be performed shortly. Pat
What Your Children Need in Case of Dental Emergency

Do You Know What Your Children Need in Case of Dental Emergency?

Being a parent is not easy and dental emergencies add to the challenges of routine life. Dental emergencies for children can be faced anywhere from the classroom, playground, or even at home. But do not panic, we have a
Sleep Dentistry FAQs

What is Sleep Dentistry? Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Dentistry

If you are new to sleep dentistry then here at Healthy Smiles, you will find answers to all your questions that are most commonly asked by our patients about sleep dentistry. 1. What is sleep dentistry? Sleep dentistry i

Needle Phobia? New Dental Technology is Available!

In recent times there have been various advances in dental technology geared towards making dental procedures as comfortable as possible for patients.

Healthy Smiles – Emergency Dental Procedures

Emergencies at the dental clinic can happen at any time. Emergencies can include abscess in an adult or a child from dental caries or a fracture of a filling or existing tooth structure.

Tooth Sensitivity: 7 Common Reasons Your Teeth May Be Sensitive

If you’re at all conscious of the brands and types of toothpaste you buy, you’ll have noticed there are some that cater specifically to sensitive teeth. Studies suggest that 45% of Australian households have at least
Always Feeling Tired

Snore No More – It’s Easy!

Have you resigned yourself to never getting a good night’s sleep? Are you tired of scrolling through countless articles and “how to stop snoring” treatment guides? Can anything actually be done? Trust us, it’s ea