Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

Emergency Dentist Near Me

Times are rough and we need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. When the world is battling against COVID-19, you need to be extra careful about your overall health. And especially oral health is a priority because dental emergencies can strike anytime without a warning.

Our dentists at Healthy Smiles Dental Group are here to guide you all that you need to do in case of dental emergencies.

What are dental emergencies?

Oral health conditions requiring immediate attention are known as dental emergencies. It can be anything from:

  • Toothache
  • Cusp fracture
  • Chipped-off or broken tooth
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Denture repairs
  • Abscess
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Bitten lip, tongue or cheek
  • Trauma due to accidents
  • Swellings

What can I do?

Here are the quick actions that can save you further damage. But despite all these tips, you need to have a consultation with an expert.

Cold compress

If you have injured your gums or teeth by accident, and it is bleeding, you can apply a cold compress for a while. For smaller injuries, the bleeding must stop within 10 minutes. If not, you need to rush to a dentist for expert dental care.

Pain-relief medicines

If you are experiencing extreme pain and cannot visit the dentist for a few hours, you can take over-the-counter pain-relief medication. Please note that it is not a permanent solution and if the pain doesn’t subside even after taking the pain-relief medication, you need to see your dentist. It might be an indication of underlying oral health disease.

Hot compress

For swellings and discolouration due to accidents, you can apply either a cold or hot compress. When the swelling is due to a bacterial infection, hot compress is generally useful to reduce the swelling.

How can I avoid any dental emergency?

Continuous care and preventive dentistry are the keys to keeping risks at bay. You can care for your teeth by following a proper oral hygiene routine which includes brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste. And regular visits to the dentist are equally important. Make a habit of visiting your dentist at least once every six months to avoid any overnight dental complications.

We are emergency dentists near you

In case you find yourself engulfed in a dental emergency; you can come straight to Healthy Smiles Dental Group near you in Blackburn. We are open for our patients and have also kept time reserved in our schedule for dental emergencies to be available in case of any.

Because we care for our patients, we are practising a high standard of infection control and prevention. When you enter our premises, you need to first sterilise your hands with a hand-sanitiser, provided by us at the entrance. You will find that all our clinical equipment is properly sterilised after each use. Our staff is working proactively to minimise the risks of this pandemic at our clinic.

Do not hesitate to visit us in case of any dental emergency or call us on 03 9877 2035.

Dr. Ved Berani

Author: Dr. Ved Berani

Dr. Ved Berani, a second-generation dentist and the principal dentist at Healthy Smiles and Sleep Dream Smile, shows great pride in his work by helping his patients achieve cosmetic and aesthetic results all while utilising sleep dentistry and sedation.

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