Difference between Dental Implants and Dentures

6 Things which Differentiate Dental Implants from Dentures

Facing the loss of teeth is nothing new. Most people have at least one of their teeth operated from an early age, perhaps due to accident, or decay. In elderly people loss of teeth is natural. But what’s new is the tec

Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design? What Does the Process Involve?

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? After all, a smile is the curve that sets everything straight. With the introduction of digital smile design, it is possible to have that curve on your face perfected as you want. What

What is CEREC - Healthy Smiles

What is CEREC and How Does The Process Work?

Do you have decayed or chipped teeth that need restoration? And have you been intentionally avoiding to see the dentist because of lack of time? Then this blog is for you. Let us introduce you to CEREC, the new way to ge

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne

Is Sleep Dentistry Right for Me?

Many of us are deadly afraid of going to the dentist. Reasons for this fear may be anything from extreme pain arising from dental surgeries, discomfort due to sensitive palette, or past bad experiences with dentists etc.

Dental Emergency

7 Situations that Need Emergency Dental Treatment

Dental emergencies can come knocking at our doors any time and are as unexpected as hail in summer. Any damage on the insides of mouth can hurt, and lead to a reduction in or complete loss of food intake, which ruins our

Is Invisalign Right For Me?

Is Invisalign Right for Me? 3 Ways to Determine

The rise in popularity of the Invisalign range of clear braces cannot go unnoticed. Invisalign braces are made up of a SmarTrack material. This material is responsible for more guided and predictable tooth movements as c

Invisalign Treatment Procedure

Exploring the Invisalign Treatment Procedure: Clear Aligners

Do your teeth stick out or are overcrowded? You must know that the strength of your teeth hugely depends on their alignment. There are many factors that affect the shape and alignment of one’s teeth. The main amongst t

Oral Health During Pregnancy

Oral Health During Pregnancy: Key Points to Keep in Mind

Are you expecting a baby or planning for a family? If yes, you will be noticing some great changes in your body during pregnancy. It is expected to be the most special 9 months for a pregnant woman. Transformation such a