Sleep Dentistry FAQs

What is Sleep Dentistry? Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Dentistry

If you are new to sleep dentistry then here at Healthy Smiles, you will find answers to all your questions that are most commonly asked by our patients about sleep dentistry. 1. What is sleep dentistry? Sleep dentistry i

Whitehorse Small Business Award Winner 2018

Healthy Smiles – Winner of Whitehorse Excellence in Business Award 2018

Hi, I’m Dr Ved Berani, Principle Dentist of the Healthy Smiles Dental Group. I’m very proud and honored to be receiving the Whitehorse Small Business Award for a small sized business with upto 20 employees. I believe


How to Choose a Reliable Dental Clinic in Australia?

There are many dental clinics in Australia. If you are looking for a good dental clinic, there are a number of things to consider. Below are 6 tips to select best dental clinic in Australia. First of all, it is importan

Needle Phobia? New Dental Technology is Available!

In recent times there have been various advances in dental technology geared towards making dental procedures as comfortable as possible for patients.

Teeth Whitening

Smile Design – Get Your Smile Makeover Today

If you’re not familiar with smile design, you must visit your trusted smile dentist clinic. It’s basically the process of using cosmetic dentistry procedures to help improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Crooked Teeth Treatment

Crooked Teeth and Their Influence on your Smile, Bite and Confidence

At Healthy Smiles, every patient, no matter what their age can choose from a number of treatments to fix their smile. Among them, the three major treatments we specialize in are, Fixed Orthodontics, Clear Braces and Earl

Digital Smile Design

Smile Designing – Smile for Her Daughter’s Wedding

This blog post brings back a lot of happy memories. This person in question had to wait almost 60 years to get her smile back and was desperate to smile as brightly as she could for her daughter’s wedding.

Implant Dentistry

Is the Dental Implants Cost Going Down?

While you may be considering a dental implants, you may be afraid that the cost of this treatment is more than your budget can handle. Going the route of an implant can be a costly decision, but it definitely offers many