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No matter how dentists strive to be gentle in their practice, many patients still consider normal dental procedures like teeth extraction to be traumatic in the physical and psychological sense. But with the advent of gentle dental care in facilities like Healthy Smiles, trauma for the patients can be significantly lessened, if not entirely eliminated in the coming years.

Of course, there is always the possibility of pain after the dental procedure but this is to be expected considering that the body must be given time to heal itself. But when it comes to lessening the physical and psychological pain of dental procedures, pain-free dental care is the increasingly popular choice and for good reasons, too.

The principle behind gentle dental care is the use of dental sedation techniques. Basically, the patient is placed under sedation before and during the dental procedure, thus, significantly lessening the psychological trauma brought by the likes of tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery, and root canal therapy. The levels of sedation administered by the dentist vary according to the procedure to be performed, the level of sedation dentistry desired by the patient, and the number of visits required, among other factors.

Just to enumerate these levels of sedation:

  • In minimal sedation, you will still be responsive to normal physical and verbal stimuli albeit you have lesser level of consciousness than when no sedative was used beforehand.
  • In moderate sedation, you will respond in a purposeful manner toward verbal and physical stimuli.
  • In deep sedation, you are almost unconscious and, thus, cannot be easily aroused except for repeated stimulation, which can be painful at times.

Gentle dental care at Healthy Smiles means that you will suffer through less anxiety and stress brought on by the thought of needles piercing your gums, drills going through your teeth, and dental professionals doing their job on a body part that you are reluctant to open for examination. You will undergo dental sedation before the procedure starts so you are less aware of what’s happening while the dentist does his job. Even when a needle or a drill is used on your mouth, you will be blissfully unaware of it – now that’s what we call gentle dental care on your psyche, too.

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Dr. Ved Berani

Author: Dr. Ved Berani

Dr. Ved Berani, a second-generation dentist and the principal dentist at Healthy Smiles and Sleep Dream Smile, shows great pride in his work by helping his patients achieve cosmetic and aesthetic results all while utilising sleep dentistry and sedation.

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