Oral health treatments can be expensive! Most health insurance companies don’t cover certain dental treatments, which tend to put a financial burden on the family. Oral health is equally important as getting treatment for other health issues. The cost of cosmetic treatments especially may make them out of our reach, confining our dreams to be able to have a beautiful smile. At Healthy Smiles, we want every individual to have access to dental treatments. 

Healthy Smiles is a BUPA preferred dentist, and you can have yourself treated for all types of oral problems with us. 

Access a Bupa Members First Platinum Dentist

A health insurance provider that covers all types of dental treatments is the one you should get your family covered from. Bupa Members First Extras Network gives you access to a broader choice of dental treatments covered under insurance. If you are a Bupa member who has taken Hospital and Extra cover from general dental check-ups to emergency dental services, you will not have to pay anything when you visit us. 

Healthy Smiles is listed as a Bupa dental provider where you can have access to complete oral care for you and your family.

As your Bupa Preferred Dental Provider, Healthy Smiles Offers Various Dental Services Including:

No-Gap Dental Check-up 

Bupa Members First Platinum can avail of free dental check-ups at our clinic. If our expert dentists diagnose an oral problem, then you will be offered a treatment plan. Patients covered under this plan will also be eligible for professional cleaning of teeth, x-rays, mouth guards, and fluoride treatment for no cost at all. 

Get Your Money Back

Between 60% to 100% of costs can be claimed back depending on the type of treatment undergone and the coverage you have.

No Gap Dental Check-up for Children Age Under 17

Healthy Smiles you can get dental check-ups for your kids with no out of pocket expense if you are a platinum member with BUPA health fund.

Easy Claims 

As your Bupa Members First dentist, Healthy Smiles will help you claim your bills from the insurance provider. There are no hidden costs included in your bill. Which means you will be able to get back most or at times 100% of your money. Moreover, Bupa tends to pay for most other dental services.

Eligibility to Receive All Benefits Mentioned Above:

In order to be eligible for such exclusive benefits, you must have:

  • Hospital coverage should be combined with extras where general dental services are included. 

How Often Can You Claim for Dental Services?

A certain dental service can be claimed only a specific number of times in a specific time. For instance, the cost for a general check-up with your BUPA preferred dentist Healthy Smiles can be claimed once in six months. However, Bupa also considers exceptions. If you have undergone an oral surgery with us, then more dental check-ups are permitted. At Healthy Smiles, we will help you understand all the rules and regulations of the Bupa Members First Platinum plan before going ahead with your treatment.

How to Get in Touch With Bupa Members First Platinum Dentist Near Me?

Healthy Smiles is the Bupa member’s first dentist for you and your family. With an amazing team of dentists and other oral health experts, we will provide you with optimum care and oral services. Cost should never come in the way of your dental care. And with Bupa Members First Dentist insurance and us as your BUPA preferred dentist, you can always have access to good oral health.

You can book a dental appointment online with us or reach out to us on the below contact details.


Healthy Smiles Dental Group

Address: 152 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South, VIC 3130

Phone Number: 03 9877 2035


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