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Children Sleep Dentistry in Blackburn, Melbourne

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Children Sleep Dentistry in Blackburn, Melbourne

Dental infection or pains can arise in patients of any age. Small children may usually suffer from dental issues, and there could be different reasons for them. Treating the problems on time is significant, lest they turn into more complicated dental issues. The dental procedures may require your children to be still. Specific dental processes are necessitating the use of equipment that is noisy; this can be scary for the children. At Healthy Smiles, we treat our young patients with extra care and caution. Therefore, our gentle dentists at Blackburn use sleep dentistry on children so they can be treated safely and comfortably.

Bubble Therapy At Healthy Smiles

Bubble therapy for anxious dental patients.
For everyone else there is SLEEP DENTISTRY
It takes a lot of effort to manage anxious and nervous dental patients. Every small bit helps create a positive experience and helps our patients on the path of self-control. Dental phobia is real and choosing the right dentist is the first real step in conquering this.

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest

What is Sleep Dentistry For Kids?

What is Sleep Dentistry For Kids?

What is Sleep Dentistry For Kids?

Sleep dentistry is the usage of anaesthesia at the hands of our skilled and knowledgeable dentists, on patients who have to undergo dental procedures that may cause discomfort to them. With sleep dentistry, your precious children will remain in a sleep-like-state till our caring dentists perform the dental treatments on them. Sleep dentistry is not just a comfortable way to treat their dental issues, but it is also safe and highly in demand.

Facts About Sleep Dentistry for Children in Melbourne

Our caring dentists at Blackburn will recommend sleep dentistry for dental treatments to children only if required.

Children being treated through sleep dentistry will sleep through the entire dental process and have almost no memory of it.

Our compassionate dentists will explain about the foods or liquid that your children may consume before and after the dental process during the consultation session.

Additionally, there may be some more precautions that you might have to help your children observe after the dental treatment. Our dentists will ensure that they impart proper instructions to you before you leave the clinic.

Sleep dentistry usually takes some time to wear off. You must keep enough time in hand to stay in at our clinic with your child, ensuring that the effect of anaesthesia has completely worn off before you leave the clinic.

Our dentists conduct a detailed analysis of your children and ensure they have all the details of their medical history (for medications, allergies, health conditions, etc.) before they can proceed with sleep dentistry and the dental treatments.

Is sleep dentistry safe for my child?

Is sleep dentistry safe for my child
Yes, sleep dentistry is safe for children. Our dentists are professional and experienced in performing dental treatments on children but it becomes easier for the dentists to treat them when they are asleep. Moreover, sleep dentistry is administered under highly professional dentists who are experts at their job.
Is sleep dentistry safe for my child

Children of Which Age Group Can Undergo Sleep Dentistry?

Children of Which Age Group Can Undergo Sleep Dentistry

Children as young as two and a half years of age can undergo the process of sleep dentistry safely at the hands of our experienced dentists. The sedatives are mild and safe. Our dentists have successfully administered the process of sleep dentistry on several children before performing dental procedures on them. Sleep dentistry helps them relax and remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Can a dentist put my child to sleep?

Can a dentist put my child to sleep
It is common for children to experience dental anxiety. Our friendly dentists have their own special ways to deal with anxious children. Dentists at Healthy Smiles are accomplished at child dentistry and can easily put your child to sleep so without making it apparent.
Can a dentist put my child to sleep

Children Sleep Dentistry at Healthy Smiles, Melbourne

Healthy Smiles has a team of compassionate and caring dentists who are experienced and practised with the process of sleep dentistry. They have acquired the latest training and are equipped with the knowledge of the latest technologies in dentistry. Expect your child to receive comfortable and safe dental treatments with sleep dentistry at Healthy Smiles in Blackburn, Melbourne. You can get in touch with us for more details.

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