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Complimentary Consult For Composite Veneers in Blackburn, Melbourne

Free Consult For Composite Veneers in Blackburn, Melbourne

Complimentary Consult For Composite Veneers in Blackburn, Melbourne

Do you feel that your smile is inadequate? Do you feel unconfident when you look in the mirror and when you smile? worry no more! At Healthy Smiles, your Blackburn dentist in Melbourne, we will help you gain that beautiful smile you have always think of. Our dentists will make sure that you get your boost in confidence and beauty every time you look at the mirror. You can choose from a composite veneer and a porcelain veneer to gain that gorgeous smile. Both will make your smile as beautiful as possible. Whichever veneer you choose, we will ensure you the best satisfaction, for that is what we aim for.

We assure your perfection and security with our veneers. You will have better confidence. You will feel like a new person when you see yourself smile in the mirror. Come to Healthy Smiles, and our dentists will personally guide and help you in choosing. Our trusted dentists will make sure that you get what you want. We won’t be satisfied unless you are. Call now and see what our composite veneers can do for you.

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What Are Composite Veneers?

What Are Composite Veneers?
Composite (or otherwise known as resin) veneers are a form of alternative from porcelain ones. But worry not as being an alternative means they are of low quality. They are high grade and maybe more suitable for your needs. Composite veneers are made from high-quality, durable resin plastic that is made strong and robust through the process that is called light curing. No, they are not toxic as they are not made from regular single-use plastics. Composite veneers have been used by many people already and have been proven to be safe and without any side effects. These veneers are customized to be fitted and placed onto your teeth and secured into place. After being set, light-curing will be done to harden the resin as it is original soft. Once the resin plastic has been secured and strengthened, polishing may begin to make a nice shine and appear similar to enamel. This ensures that your teeth would be natural-looking. Our dentists will make sure that the veneers are strong and placed tightly. We guarantee no discomfort when you use our composite veneers.
What Are Composite Veneers?

How Much Would Composite Veneers Cost?

How Much Would Composite Veneers Cost?

It depends on the shape, size, variety, and style of the veneers that you will be choosing. Usually, our veneers start at an average of $300 to $2100 per tooth. Again, it all depends on what you choose to be placed on your teeth. Yes, it might be expensive, but it will be of high quality and will be guaranteed to last long. We always ensure that you are satisfied with our work. After all, your satisfaction is our topmost priority. Feel free to come and contact us to start. We will guide you through the process and help you choose which way and veneers you should get. Worry not as we have multiple payment plans available to help you. Please approach us, and our staff at Healthy Smiles in Melbourne will be friendly and welcoming to your inquiries. Go to us now for your consultation.

How Much Would Composite Veneers Cost?

Which Veneers Should I Choose? Porcelain Or Composite? 

Which Veneers Should I Choose? Porcelain Or Composite?

Which Veneers Should I Choose? Porcelain Or Composite?

You may be confused about the difference between composite and porcelain veneers. What might be the difference? Which is the better of the two? Well, let us answer your questions.

Composite veneers are comparable to porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers may last between 10-15 years, but composite veneers may last up to 8 years with proper care. You must remember that any veneer will not last very long unless proper care and maintenance is done. Without proper care and management, any type of veneers will not last a day. They will get chipped and ruined. Going back, composite veneers will still last up to 8 years, so that is still a very long time. Another advantage of composite veneers is that they can be made and placed on your teeth within a day. Porcelain veneers take far longer to be placed as they require delicate customization and fitting. The resin of composite veneers could be placed readily on the surface of your teeth and sculpted to be made to look natural almost instantly.

Our dentists will take care of you. We will help you decide whether you will get a composite one or a porcelain one. Our dentists would offer you guidance and show you charts and choices from which you could choose from. We will help visualize your look with our samples. Go to our clinic, and we will be of service. We will be with you throughout this whole process. We care for your smile.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Composite Veneer?

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Composite Veneer?

There is a multitude of benefits in getting composite veneers.

Firstly, veneers help you achieve that radiant smile. They make your smile more beautiful no doubt. Our veneers will make your smile more aesthetically pleasing. Crookedness and stains will be gone. Whiter and more fresh looking teeth are made possible. Don’t worry. Your teeth will be as natural looking as possible. You will get the much-needed confidence boost you deserve. No more worrying about your teeth being ugly or unsightly. Whenever you see your smile in the mirror, it will feel like you’re a whole new different person. There are no drawbacks in getting one, so get one now. A list of the problems that you may face that can be fixed by our composite veneers are misaligned teeth, crookedness, chipping and breaking of teeth, teeth discolouration, teeth gaps, and wear and tear. All of this can be solved by our veneers. They will help fix your teeth and show the potential of your beautiful smile.

Our Healthy Smiles clinic will surely be welcoming and caring towards your needs. Our dentist will be sure to take care of you and your teeth. Don’t forget, and always remember us when getting your veneers.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Composite Veneer?

Are Composite Veneers Like Natural Teeth?

Are Composite Veneers Like Natural Teeth?

Are Composite Veneers Like Natural Teeth?

Our composite veneers are very much natural looking. The veneers are made from resin that resemble teeth and can be polished to show a similar shine of real teeth. People won’t know that you have veneers as they will look like your real ones. They even feel like real ones. You won’t even know the difference in feel and appearance. Our amazing dentists at Healthy Smiles in Melbourne will ensure that.

A Healthy Smile With Healthy Smiles Dental Group, Your Local Blackburn Dentist in Melbourne

A Healthy Smile With Healthy Smiles Dental Group, Your Local Blackburn Dentist in Melbourne

A Healthy Smile With Healthy Smiles Dental Group, Your Local Blackburn Dentist in Melbourne

We at Healthy Smiles will help you achieve the beautiful smiles and teeth you have been hoping for. Our services are top, and our dentists are caring and friendly. We are confident in giving you quality veneers. We aim to give you your good smile and confidence back again. So please come to us in Blackburn, Melbourne, and we will take care of you.

With us, you will get that radiant smile in the mirror. Schedule now at Healthy Smiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Composite Veneers be too expensive?
They may seem expensive but worry not. They are one-time payment only and would last you very long. Your perfect smile is guaranteed to last you for years. You will get a large value for your money, and we will make sure of that.
Will Composite Veneers cause a lot of pain?
We assure you that they are not painful to get. Our dentists will treat you right and carefully. You will be safe under the hands of our experienced and expert doctors.
I have fears and anxiety, can I opt for sleep dentistry during Composite Veneer?
Yes, you may! Our dentists are experts on the application of sleep dentistry. You won’t feel any fears and will stay calm during the whole process. Our dentists will be gentle and caring.
Will Composite Veneers cause any form of an allergic reaction?
No, they won’t. Our composite veneers are made from resin plastic that does not contain any allergen that will react, causing allergies. So, no worries! Composite veneers are a great choice.
I lost some permanent teeth, can I opt for composite veneers still?
Of course, you can. Our dentists will make sure that your teeth will look perfect, beautiful, and as original and natural as they looked. We may be able to assist you with your teeth lost. Our dentists know the proper shape and size and procedures to do.
Is the Composite Veneer process clean?
Yes! It has always been clean. We ensure the cleanliness and safety of our patients.