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Crowns and Bridges Blackburn, Melbourne

Crowns and Bridges Blackburn, Melbourne

Crowns and Bridges Blackburn, Melbourne 

No one desires to be born with missing or ruined teeth or even acquire them in our lifetime. Missing teeth or ruined teeth may be of slight inconvenience to some, mainly only bringing problems in the aesthetic department, but most of the time, missing teeth bring difficulty in eating, speaking, and other problems. These teeth may even lead to serious illnesses. We try to take care of our teeth as much as possible, but it is inevitable. Sometimes teeth fall off or become damaged because of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

At Healthy Smiles in Melbourne, we offer a multitude of options for your problematic teeth. Our caring dentists utilize state of the art and modern restorative techniques to bring back your beautiful and radiant smile.

Our restorative services include crowns and bridges which replace parts or whole teeth using natural-looking and durable crowns and bridges.

What Are Crowns and Bridges

What Are Crowns and Bridges
You might be wondering what are crowns and bridges, how do they differ from dentures and how much will they cost. Here’s all you need to know about these.

Crowns and bridges, simply put, try to replace missing teeth and function similar to the original ones. They are not like dentures that you can remove and take out. You cannot pull them out whenever you feel or need (like for cleaning purposes). This is because they are cemented and placed onto already present teeth or implants. You cannot remove them by yourselves as they are embedded well and only our dentists could remove them as they require specific procedures.

Our dentists may recommend or advise you in getting crowns or bridges or even both, depending on the condition of your teeth and the extent of the damage present. Don’t be alarmed, our dentists will help you make the best decision.

What Are Crowns and Bridges

How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost in Blackburn?

How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost in Blackburn?

How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost in Blackburn? 

Cost of crowns and bridges majorly depends upon the condition of teeth and requirements. Hence the cost often differs from person to person. Average cost of crowns & Bridges in Australia can be between $1600 and $2,500. At Healthy Smiles, we care for your smile as well as your pocket. Also, our products and procedures are of great quality and durability. You can consider your treatment as an investment! We have a stronghold in giving our patients durable crowns and bridges that you won’t have to replace repeatedly.


3. Fractured restoration


4. Covering crooked teeth or discolored teeth


5. Bridge attachment


6. Covering tooth implants

The Crown for your Teeth

Dental Crown

The Crown for your Teeth 

A crown is simply a cover that is placed on the top of the teeth. It is usually done after a root canal treatment. A crown is used when a large part of your tooth has been lost because of tooth decay or damaged because of external reasons. A crown improves the appearance of damaged teeth and strengthens them.

Usually, it is made from porcelain or ceramic. Ceramics or porcelain can feel and act similar to normal teeth with expert customization. You make a request for gold or other metals or materials if you would like. We will make sure that our work is up to your satisfaction and our dentists would do the best they can.

Crowns are usually needed because of:


1. Covering for a root canal treatment


2. Strengthening decayed teeth

Bridging Gaps using Dental Bridges

Dental Bridge
Gaps or spaces made by missing teeth may cause present teeth to move out or drift apart. This “dental drift” would create an ugly dental aesthetic or appearance and it would change your bite pattern entirely.

Gaps would also expose vulnerable gums. This can lead to gum disease, headache, migraine, pain in the neck, jaw, and shoulder. We refer to this as TMJ pain or Temporo – mandibular joint pain (TMJ is what connects the jaw to the skull).

For this dilemma, we advise you that you get a dental bridge to replace missing teeth. The bridge would be cemented to teeth on each edge of the space, thus anchoring the “bridge”. The gap would be filled by replacements. This process ensures you get the perfect set of teeth again. Our dentists will make sure that you know what happens and have a choice in the shape or look of the bridge.

Dental Bridge

When Should I Get a Bridge Or Crown?

Here are the scenarios where a dental bridge or crown would benefit you greatly.

 Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

Sometimes, infections may occur inside your teeth. Under the enamel outer layer of your teeth, an infection has attacked your teeth and infected it and your roots. It would be advisable to get a crown or bridge after a root canal treatment.
Missing teeth

Missing teeth

Nobody wants to lose teeth as they would be very displeasing to look at and your smile would be incomplete. Our dentists will help you solve this. Whether it was caused by an injury, infection, or accident, our dentists would help you fix your smile. Crowns and bridges would act as a replacement for these and it would be just as natural as before, maybe even better.
Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth removal

What is a wisdom tooth? Wisdom teeth are the last sets of teeth to show and may require removal if they interfere or bump into existing teeth that may cause damage or harm.

Why should I get Crowns and Bridges?

Why should I get Crowns and Bridges
Our dental crowns and bridges have the goal of restoring your teeth to peak performance and appearance. They also prevent exposure of gums that may lead to diseases and other harmful stuff. If you suffer from some conditions that would require crowns and bridges, you should go see our dentists for help. By have our crowns and bridges and repairing your teeth, you will experience the following benefits:
Why should I get Crowns and Bridges

Strengthens the teeth


Improves the durability of teeth


Makes your teeth and smile look great


Fix facial structure deformities


Natural and realistic


No more persisting pain caused by hollowness or decay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Crowns and Bridges treatments expensive?
The costs would vary depending on the condition and needed replacements, but our dentists will make sure that you get the best treatment possible. We also include payment plans to help allow easier payments. We want you to get the best treatment without worrying too much about the cost.
Will there be a lot of pain because of Crowns and Bridges?
The treatment may cause some pain because of their nature, but our dentists will take care of you and make the treatment as painless as possible. Using modern techniques and equipment to lessen the pain, you will get the best experience. Proper anesthetics will be utilized to ease the pain if ever necessary. Do not worry as our dentists will ensure your safety.
Can I opt for sleep dentistry or is it not available?
Yes, you may! We offer this service to you to help you have a smoother experience. Our dentists are experts in these practices. Sleep dentistry would allow you to relax and not feel fear. Our Healthy Smiles clinic has dentists who are experts in applying this technique. We promise you your smile without letting you know the process ever occurred.
How will I know if I need Crowns or Bridges?
Your dentists at Healthy Smiles in Melbourne will help you. Come to us and make an appointment so that we can determine which treatments would be needed for you. A thorough dental examination will be done to determine if crowns and bridges are the best way to solve your gaps and damaged teeth. Do not worry; our dentists will take care of you and have multiple experiences regarding these.
I have oddly shaped small teeth, could I still get this treatment?
Yes! Of course! Our dentists offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of bridges and crowns that will best fit your teeth. We will make sure that your smile is all natural-looking, and no one will notice. We might even be able to take care of some problems that involve the shape of your teeth. Do not hesitate to approach us as our welcoming staff would help you greatly.
My old crowns and bridges have gotten damaged, can they be replaced?
Our dentists offer replacement of crowns and bridges which may have ruined or have gotten some wear and tear. Have no worries! Our dentists are equipped to handle such matters.
Can I make urgent appointments with Healthy Smiles?
Sure, you can. We understand you have a busy life and require doctors who can treat you when you are absolutely free and prepared and not when the doctor is free. Also, pain can affect anyone, any time. So we are well prepared for emergencies and accept urgent appointments. You can call us right away.
Are the Crowns and Bridges procedure safe and hygienic?
Every surgery is performed by trained dentists who have enough experience. All equipment is well sanitized before, after, and even during the process. So you can be sure of getting the best and safest surgery.