Edentulism (teeth loss) is a condition ever prominent in old age. Along with general health conditions, you must look after your oral health. But fortunately, we have a solution to save you from all the troubles that come along teeth loss.

You don’t have to worry about your looks or eating your food properly. Dental implants make it possible for you to enjoy life as it comes. Read on to know more about how you, as a senior, can benefit from dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are tiny anchors made up of titanium mixed with other friendly metals. They are used to replace missing teeth and prove more reliable than other teeth replacement techniques. Dental implants are inserted at the place of missing teeth in a quick dental procedure. After the implant fuses in with the issues of your jawbone, the final crown is placed on top.

Dental implants are suitable for seniors as they are comfortable, easy to use and feel almost like natural teeth. Earlier, most elders used to have temporary dentures to perform routine dental functions. But the number of elders opting for dental implant surgery is increasing.

Top 5 benefits that seniors can experience after going for a dental implant surgery

1. Enjoy your favourite food

Temporary dentures have many limitations and one of the most annoying of them all is their ability to support only a selected type of edibles to chew. People had to limit their diet to soft foods. But with dental implants at your aid, you can eat your food just like before. There are hardly a few restrictions when you have had your teeth replaced by dental implants.

2. Look younger

Human bones tend to wear slowly with age, this includes your jawbone. But when the titanium in the dental implants fuses with your jawbone, it strengthens your jawbone along with providing support for the forces arising in your oral cavity. And the strong jawline makes you look younger than people your age.

3. Spend less time cleaning

Cleaning dentures was a lifelong battle and required more time than you used them for chewing food. Dental implants are just like your natural teeth and don’t require any additional care. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing them once a day can help you keep dental issues at bay. Although the new teeth are made of porcelain and resistant to decay, any food particles stuck near your gums can cause damage. Hence following a healthy dental hygiene routine as you did with your natural teeth can be beneficial. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly.

4. They are always with you

As the dental implants are permanently attached to your jawbones, you can never forget them! And when you go out, there is one item that is always checked on your packing list. You don’t need to remember to take them, they are always with you. Unlike dentures, you can never forget your dental implants back home on the table.

5. No need to replace them now and then

Dental implants are deemed to be a permanent solution to missing teeth. When cared for properly, they can also last a lifetime. You don’t need to replace or repair them every few years. In most cases, regular visits to your dentist for routine dental check-ups can suffice. Follow your dentist’s suggestions to take care of the dental implants.

It’s awesome, right? Who said aging had to be dull? Provided the right dental treatments, your teeth can be as young as you want! Before proceeding with the dental implants surgery, make sure that you are a candidate. There are a few general health parameters that you must be fulfilling to have dental implants surgery.

To know whether you are a candidate for dental implants, visit our Blackburn dentist at Healthy Smiles Dental Group clinic or contact us on 03 9877 2035.

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