Nothing hurts quite the way that dental pain does. In fact, this kind of pain can ruin your entire day, making it tough to function. The problem is that tooth pain can occur for many different reasons, so it is tough for you to figure out what is really causing the problem. When you begin having this type of pain, it’s best to get in contact with your dentist, so calling or visiting our Blackburn dental clinic is a great option. To help you out, here is a look at common causes of dental pain and some helpful tips to follow if you experience this kind of pain.

Common Causes of Dental Pain

First, you may be wondering what is causing this pain in your mouth. Many different problems can lead to tooth, gum, or jaw pain. One of the most common causes of this pain happens to be tooth decay, known as a cavity. You may deal with sharp discomfort, irritation, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Oral injuries can also cause dental pain as well. These injuries can occur if you bite into something very hard or they can be caused by accidents, such as a sporting accident. Damage to the tooth can lead to pinched roots, chipped teeth, and more. All of these problems can definitely become painful. If you sustain an oral injury, visiting our Blackburn dental clinic right away is your best course of action.

Other problems that can lead to pain within your mouth may include damage to gums, having a tooth knocked out, and more.

What to Do

When you start dealing with severe dental pain, you may be wondering what you should do to take care of the problem. The first thing to do is to get in touch with our clinic so you can be seen as quickly as possible. While waiting to see the dentist, you can take over the counter pain relievers, rinse with warm salt water, or even try a bit of clove oil on the affected area.

Visit our professional Blackburn dentist at our dental clinic or for emergency dental treatment, call on 03 9877 2035.

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