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Approximate Costs for Dental Treatments in Melbourne at Healthy Smiles Dental Group

According to a survey almost 25% of Australians avoid going to the dentist due to the expected price. Considering this whole situation and to help a wider community in Melbourne we took the initiative at Healthy Smiles to offer affordable and outstanding care from our Melbourne dentists.
Please note, that the prices listed below are to only be used as a guide. As you would agree that every patient’s needs are different and your dentist will discuss all possible treatment options with you and create an estimate of the costs involved in treatment planning.
If you have private health insurance please let us know as we are a BUPA platinum provider, which means you get the maximum benefits at our practice. Check out these prices so that you can make an informed decision for your dental appointment with our amazing dentists at Healthy Smiles.

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Teeth Whitening Prices in Melbourne

Teeth whitening prices at Healthy Smiles range from $495-$595.

Invisalign Treatment Fee in Melbourne

Invisalign treatments range between $3,900 and $8,900 depending on the extent of the treatment and the expected outcomes.

Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne

Healthy Smiles provides durable dental implants which can cost on average between $4,500 and $7,000.

Smile Makeover Prices in Melbourne

The cost of a smile makeover may also depend on the type of treatments you need to undergo. For instance, teeth whitening may cost you between $295 and $595 on an average, whereas our dental implants average between $4,000 and $7,000 and dental veneers $1500-$2094, crowns $1700-$2100

All-On-4 Prices in Melbourne

On average the price of a single arch would typically range between $15,000 and $28,000.

Cost For Children’s Dentistry

General dentistry starts at approximately $100 and $200. At Healthy Smiles, we provide you with a multitude of payment methods to ease your financial concerns.

Composite Veneers Prices in Melbourne

It depends on the shape, size, variety, and style of the veneers that you will be choosing. Usually, our veneers start at an average of $300 to $2100 per tooth.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Fix My Cracked and Chipped Teeth

The cost of the treatment will vary according to the extent of the damage. You can expect to pay approximately $300 to $600 for dental bonding and crowns can cost you anywhere between $700 and $2100 depending on how bad the damage is.

Crowns and Bridges Prices in Melbourne

The average cost of one crown in Australia can be between $700 and $2,100. Bridges may cost you an average of $1,000 to $8000.

I have Dental Anxiety, How Much Shall I Pay for Dental Treatment?

Sleep dentistry for dental anxiety can cost you anywhere between $1,350 to $6,000 based on the amount of time required for the treatment and the complexity of the treatment.

Dental Bonding Prices In Melbourne

The cost of dental bonding in Blackburn can range from approximately $300 to $600 per tooth.

Dental Check-Up and Clean Prices in Melbourne

A dental check-up and clean averages between 150 AUD to 350 AUD.

Cosmetic Dentistry Prices in Melbourne

The cost of a smile makeover may also depend on the type of treatments you need to undergo. For instance, teeth whitening may cost you between $295 and $595 on an average, whereas our dental implants average between $4,000 and $7,000 and dental veneers $1500-$2094, crowns $1700-$2100

3D Guided Dental Implants Prices in Melbourne

At Healthy Smiles, the cost of the entire process along with the implant crown and abutment can range from $4500 to $7000 approximately.

How Much Can an Emergency Dental Treatment Cost Me?

The cost of every dental treatment is different, and since every patient has another oral condition, the cost of treatment will be different for each one. General dental treatments on an average may start from an average of $100 to $700.

How Much Should I Pay To Fix My Gum Disease

The rate for a gum disease treatment depends on the severity of the problem and the starting costs usually averages between $200 to $2000.

I Have Gummy Smile How Much Will It Cost Me To Fix It

Generally, Gummy smile correction surgery can average between $200 and $450 per tooth.

How Much is Initial First Dental Consult In Melbourne

A regular dental checkup in Melbourne varies between an average of $100 and $200.

I Am Scared of Dentists How Much Will IV Sedation Cost Me In Melbourne?

Comfort and top quality treatment come at a price, but at Healthy Smiles, we have made sure that our customers receive the best quality treatment and, at the same time, do not have to empty their pockets. While Happy Gas costs you only as less as $60, you can expect to pay around $650-$1900.

How Much For Porcelain Veneers In Melbourne

At Healthy Smiles, our prestigious and natural-looking porcelain veneers start from an average of $1500-$2100

How Much For Root Canal Treatment In Melbourne City?

Approximately the cost for root canal treatments without a crown may begin at $1500

Sleep Dentistry Costs In Melbourne

Sleep dentistry costs approximately $380 in the first hour with half-hourly increments of $190 each hour, for the facility fee. For procedures that last more than 3 hours, we charge a facility fee maximum of $1200 and the total cost is capped at $6,000.

Tooth Decay and Plaque Treatment Costs and Options

A dental implant can cost approximately $4,500- $7000 per tooth if the tooth is decayed to the extent that the dentist cannot save it.

How Much To Pay to Fix A Toothaches in Melbourne

The usual costs for treatment of toothache may vary. It may start from an average between $100 and $200 and go up to thousands of dollars, depending on the scenario and the severity of the problem.

How Much to Pull Wisdom Teeth In Melbourne

Wisdom teeth removal procedures start at just $290-$490. However, this is just a rough estimation, and the overall treatment may cost slightly more depending on the complexity of your case and the anesthetic you choose. We provide a low cost $99 wisdom tooth consultation which includes consultation, digital photographs and full mouth x-rays.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix Worn-Down Teeth in Melbourne

The rate for treatment of each tooth typically starts on an average of $300 and $500 in the composite build-up.