Facing the loss of teeth is nothing new. Most people have at least one of their teeth operated from an early age, perhaps due to accident, or decay. In elderly people loss of teeth is natural. But what’s new is the technological development in the treatments used to correct this imparity. The most common teeth replacement solutions these days are Dentures and Dental Implants.

Now let us understand why is it necessary to get these impairments treated? Treatment is required because the absence of even one tooth can lead to decay in gums, which in turn challenges the well-being of other teeth. When more than one tooth is lost, it also affects our ability of a person to chew the food well.

In some cases, loss of teeth may also have adverse effects on your confidence. Hence going to the dentist is advisable to stop further damage. And we are fortunate for having experts like Healthy Smiles who can help make our smiles perfect with latest technological solutions. Let’s discuss the difference between dental implants and dentures.

What is a denture?

Dentures are artificial teeth set on a frame which can be placed above the gums and even removed as and when needed.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are titanium bases which are fitted directly in a person’s jawbone. These titanium bases serve as an anchor and artificial teeth like ceramic crowns are fixed on top of these anchors.

Here are 6 ways in which dentures are different from dental implants:

1) Qualities:

Dentures are temporary, can be removed easily when not needed. But their temporary nature also makes them prone to slip while chewing food.

While dental implants are permanent. They are stronger as compared with dentures.

2) Target Patient Age:

Dentures are preferred in case of weak gums, and hence they are popular with old age patients.

Dental implants can only be recommended to patients with strong gums and jawbone. Titanium anchors need to be fused with the jawbone while healing and young people are better candidates as their healing power is higher.

3) Hygiene:

Dentures are a bit cumbersome to take off and clean because of the adhesive used to fix them on gums. There may be gaps between the frame and gums if not placed properly. When using dentures, it is preferable to clean them after every meal.

Dental implants are easier to clean. They act like natural teeth only and one can follow normal teeth cleaning routine.

4) Longevity:

Because of the possibility of the gaps and the constant placing and removing of dentures, they don’t last as long as dental implants. One needs to visit the dentist on a periodic basis.

While dental implants last much longer than dentures. There are chances that dental implants will last a lifetime if taken proper care of.

5) Look and Feel:

Dentures do look like natural teeth, but they don’t feel that strong. A person’s capacity to chew food is compromised.

Dental implants look and feel like your own natural teeth. They are also popular because they help retain a person’s facial features. Titanium once infused with the jawbone diminishes the rate of deterioration process of facial features.

6) Costs:

Dentures are much less expensive than dental implants. Dental implants are more expensive.

The kind of teeth replacement solution depends upon oral health conditions and requirements of a person. Whatever be your choice of treatment, it is advisable to consult our Mebourne dentist first. Healthy Smiles will be happy to make you smile perfect and ease any dental problems. Feel free to reach us at info@healthysmiles.com.au or call us.

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