With the popularity of bottled water and super filtered taps are we still getting the benefits, if there ever was any, from fluoridation in our city’s water?

Fluoridation of our communal water supply has been around for a while now and can still be one of the most controversial and debated public health topics around the world. With Tasmania first introducing fluoride into the city’s water in 1950, by 1977 two-thirds of Australia had done the same. With the major exception of Brisbane of course, this is the only major city that rejects fluoridation, resulting with a higher occurrence of dental decay than the nearby fluoridated Townsville.

Anti-fluoride groups banter on that there a links between fluoride and cancer, some saying calling it a mass medication and the conspiracy theorists are paranoid the government is sedating us, However since the controlled amount of fluoride has been added to community water there have been many studies to no avail that there is any serious risk or link.

Dental fluouros is a buildup of fluoride on tooth enamel, resulting in discoloration if fluoride consumption is excessive; mostly likely caused by regular ingestion of fluoride toothpaste and more commonly occurs in children; though this is more a cosmetic concern rather than a significant problem. With the safe amount of fluoride found in your toothpaste and water it really isn’t a problem and pregnant women should just be aware.

So really with the abundance of scientific evidence supporting the notion that fluoridation offers both health and cost benefits, even though fluoridated water was responsible for a reduction of 60% of dental caries in 1977, these days it is only responsible for 40% as the popularity for filtered or bottled water rises. Regardless of the benefit being significantly less Australian Health Authorities continue fluoridation as the benefit far outweighs the risk.

We at Healthy Smiles support fluoridated tap water 100% and recommend it to all children and adults as well.

If you have any questions about fluoride or its safety feel free to call our office and speak to one of our Melbourne dentist. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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