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Snoring Apnea – Sleep Apnoea Treatment

Stop snoring: Do you sleep well?

Considering one third of your life is spent sleeping, you may as well have a good night's rest!

This is the latest procedure to replace a missing teeth or tooth without disturbing the teeth next to the space. It is also a widely accepted method to stabilize dentures that do not sit very well and are difficult to adjust to. Once the implant has fused with the bone it can last indefinitely as long as proper hygiene and recall appointments with the dentist are maintained. As with any other complex dental work, treatment planning is the most crucial of all aspects of implant dentistry, which should involve medical evaluation, x rays photographs, gum analysis, study models and sometimes CAT Scans of the jaw.

Snoring Apnea

Snoring is an abnormal (and very undesirable) breathing noise that is heard while some people sleep. Essentially, airway muscles fail to function normally, which causes very loud vibrations to resonate whenever air passes through the soft palate at the side of the throat. If the tongue also falls back over the airway and breathing stops, apnoea is occurring. Thankfully, both conditions are correctable.

Sleep Apnoea

Many people assume ear, nose and throat specialists are the only people who can treat snoring and sleep apnoea. Amazingly, dentists can too! Your local dentist in Melbourne can help identify the snoring catalyst in your mouth and correct it by suggesting a special oral snoring device in most cases.

How do Oral Snoring Devices work?

A snoring mouthpiece device (also known as a mandibular advancement splint, or dental appliance) is a conservative approach to treating sleep apnoea and snoring. It involves having a tailor-made dental appliance fitted to wear while sleeping. This is quite effective as it keeps the airways open to allow for easier breathing and less noise.

Snoring Dental – Oral Snoring Devices

Choosing to wear an oral snoring device over surgery also comes with its advantages. For one, the device is relatively inexpensive. It is non-invasive and easy to incorporate into everyday life. And, unlike surgery, snoring devices are reversible - just take it out of your mouth.

Why am I snoring in the first place?

A number of factors can contribute to snoring and sleep apnoea such as having weak throat muscles, which cause the throat to close when sleeping. Similarly, a misaligned jaw can have the same effect by creating tension in oral muscles.

Being overweight is another key instigator, as there is an even greater chance for fat to gather in and around the throat. Obstructions in the nasal passageway may also be a problem in addition to enlarged tonsils. Some alcohol and drugs are known to relax throat muscles. There's also the chance of a person's tongue dropping to the back of the mouth if sleeping on your back.

Are You Loud Snorer?

If suffering from snoring or sleep apnoea, it can be a continuous problem. If you've tried numerous techniques that have failed, why not consult your local dental practice for experienced advice? They would love to help you get a quality night's rest so you can wake up feeling refreshed like everybody else.

Stop snoring : Do you sleep well?

Considering one third of your life is spent sleeping, you may as well have a good night's rest!

Always Feeling Tired – Stop Snoring

Moderate to severe snoring can cause:

  • Heavy day-time sleepiness
  • Headaches, fogginess and forgetfulness
  • Poor concentration
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Irritability and susceptibility to depression

If you struggle with any of the above make sure to read more about why you are snoring in the first place and how your Blackburn dentist can help.

Warning: “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.” Results shown above may vary from individual to individual.
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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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