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With the emergence of gentle dentistry, you no long have to avoid having dental treatments done due to anxiety or fear or pain. It has become easy for many individuals to simply avoid dental care altogether because of that fear. Maybe you fear the pain, the sounds, the smells or the dentist office environment.

The good news is that Healthy Smiles is home of the gentle dentist, providing the latest in dental technology to ensure that patients are comfortable and treated with gentleness and care. The emergence of new dental equipment, new treatments and even sleep and sedation dentistry offers patients the ability to have routine and cosmetic procedures done without having to worry about pain. There is no need for anxiety or fear.

What is Gentle Dental Care?

What is gentle dental care? It is care from practitioners that focuses on experienced skill, technique, new technologies and excellent customer experiences to provide care that is gentle and relaxing. Many patients are fearful and anxiety of dental treatments because they only remember old treatment procedures and frightening offices from the past. However, procedures have changed greatly, as have many of the old dental techniques. Today, the technologies offered by Healthy Smiles focuses on ensuring patients have a relaxing, pain- free visit.

The Safety of Gentle Dental Treatment

When you visit a dentist at Healthy Smiles, you can be sure that the treatment offered is very safe. Our professionals are both experienced and qualified. Procedures and techniques used in our office are all safe, so there is no need to worry about safety. Of course, a variety of options are available to individuals interested in gentle dental treatment. Our professionals can share with you the options available to you.

Pain free dentistry options, including sedation dentistry, are offered in our office as part of our commitment to provide gentle dentistry to our patients. Different types of sedation are available. The type that works best for your needs may depend on your needs and the procedures you will be undergoing.

Is Gentle Dentistry Right for Me?

Patients that want to avoid feeling pain, anxiety or realising what is going on during a dental procedure are all excellent candidates for the gentle dentist. Whether you have a fear of the dentist’s office or you simply feel anxious and uptight at the thought of undergoing treatment, gentle dental care is an excellent option. You’ll be able to enjoy having the dental care you need while being relaxed and free from pain.

Since technology has improved so much and many patients experience anxiety or fear associated with dental care, gentle dentistry has become a popular option. Our procedures continue to improve as technology improves, allowing us to offer you the best in gentle dental treatment.

Anxious Patients and the Gentle Dentist

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Do you fear the pain that comes with some dental treatments? Does the idea of undergoing dental procedures make your anxious? If so, a gentle dentist is an excellent option. With gentle dental care, you can take care of your mouth and smile without dealing with anxiety and pain.

Warning: “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.” Results shown above may vary from individual to individual.
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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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