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Happy Gas

Dental clinics can appear to be pretty scary for the patients, especially if they are small kids. It is a hassle to convince your child to go for a dental checkup or get treated for the cavities he/she has gained from eating all those sugary treats. Whatever the reason, your ward may not be willing to go to the dentist due to being scared of the dental tools and equipment or the general setup of the clinic.

But it is best to see a dentist before the problem gets too severe. A simple cavity, if neglected for too long, can destroy your child’s tooth, resulting in tooth decay. It might also affect the other teeth, as dental decay can involve multiple teeth. The longer you avoid tooth problems, the more complex your case becomes, increasing the treatment cost.

Besides kids, there are a lot of adults who also find it petrifying to visit the dentist. This condition is known as dental anxiety, which is quite common in both children and grown-ups. But this cannot hold you or your kids back from receiving the required dental treatment.

For your utmost comfort and for providing you with a pleasant and comfortable experience, we at Healthy Smiles recommend you to go for the Happy Gas option. It is safe, inexpensive, and a joyous solution to the fear that has taken over you.

What is Happy Gas?

What is Happy Gas?

Happy gas is also known as the laughing gas. The gas contains a nitrous oxide, which helps to calm down both kids and adults. You go on to have a relaxed experience and helps you overcome all your fears relating to the dental clinic or the sharp tools and injections used by the dentists. It takes your mind to a state of euphoria – a condition that fills you up with happiness and only happiness.

Happy gas is the most preferred form of sedation dentistry among patients. Not only is it relatively safe for both kids and adults, but it is also the most comfortable option you could go for. The effect of this gas wears off in as less as 2-minutes time, which is why our caring Melbourne based dentists will make sure you keep inhaling the gas seamlessly until and unless they are done with your dental procedure.

What is Happy Gas?

The Process of Filling You with Happiness

The Process of Filling You with Happiness

Providing Laughing Gas

Our OuBefore starting your treatment, our caring dentists have a detailed conversation with you to get an insight into your problems. During that session, they will also consider whether or not you have any fears regarding the overall procedure and suggest the best possible sedation remedy for it. You can always open up about your worries to us and request the Happy Gas procedure before beginning your actual treatment. We will be providing you an information sheet on laughing gas/oral sedation which we go through the process, risk, pros and cons of the procedure.

As mentioned before, Happy Gas is one of the simplest and safest form of sedation dentistry. Our exceptional dental professionals set the nitrous oxide stream from the machine to your body by attaching a nose mask to your face. The cover attached to the hose ensures a precisely calculated flow of nitrous oxide and oxygen to your body. The concentration varies between kids and adults and is monitored accurately by our high-tech machines.

Healthy Smiles, Melbourne is the apt amalgamation of brilliance and technology. We make use of the latest machines and equipment available in the market to give our patients an unmatched experience. Despite Happy Gas being a mild and safe sedative, our caring dentists make sure to keep your heartbeat in check during the entire procedure.

 Our caring dentists do this to ensure that the laughing gas is administered in a safe and regulated manner with minimal complications while receiving a premium quality dental treatment. 

How Does Happy Gas Change Your Body’s Mechanism?

How Does Happy Gas Change Your Body’s Mechanism?

..While you start to inhale the Happy Gas, you feel a tingling sensation all over your body. You might begin to feel sleepy and light-headed during the procedure but are aware of what is happening around you. You can move and talk but will feel happy in whatever you wish to do.

The nitrous oxide enters your body mixed with oxygen and helps modulate your brain’s response to pain. It helps your body calm down and enter a state of supreme relaxation. During the Happy Gas inhalation process, you might also hallucinate and make up stories in your mind.

The best part about it is that you feel minimal pain during the ongoing treatment while under this sedative. You will also have minimal recall of the experience once the effect has been blown off.

How Does Happy Gas Change Your Body’s Mechanism?

Precautions to Take Before & After the Procedure

Before the Appointment

Before the Appointment

Before the Appointment

Just like the procedure, the things you must take care of before and after Happy Gas inhalation is relatively simple. You will be expected to have a simple meal 2 hours before the appointment with your dentist.
You may go for light foods like plain toasts with butter, a simple sandwich, protein bar, or anything that is not too filling to the tummy. Avoid steak meals, burgers, rice platters, or anything too heavy and loaded with calories.

After the Appointment

After the Appointment

After the Appointment

 Post the procedure; you will quickly come back to your real senses as the effect of Happy Gas wears off very quickly. But there are certain minor discomforts which you may face after removing the nitrous oxide providing mask. Common after-effects of it are headaches and feeling nauseous.

If applied to your child, then they may also vomit after the procedure, as the removal of the mask may make them feel dizzy. After the procedure, our caring dentists will keep you under the supervision and make sure that you breathe in plenty of oxygen for 5 minutes straight. Before proceeding with this procedure, you will be provided with an information sheet, with all the risks and complications associated with laughing gas.

Will Happy Gas Turn My Wallet Sad?

Will Happy Gas Turn My Wallet Sad?

Is Happy Gas Expensive?

Our Melbourne based state of the art clinic has been set up with the sole aim of providing comfortable, effective, and wallet-friendly treatment that is accessible to all. We make use of the latest technology and have a team of experienced dental professionals working with us to ensure your oral health and safety.

Happy gas is the safest of all sedatives costing around $55 for every 30 minutes. This amount can free you from the hassle of dragging your kid to the clinic or give you the confidence to face your dental problems bravely.

At Healthy Smiles, we have wallet-friendly solutions for most of the in-clinic procedures. You can pay us in installments and choose from several easy and secured payment options that will keep both you and your wallet happy and fulfilled.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after inhaling the Happy Gas?

After inhaling the nitrous oxide gas, you calm down and relax while our excellent dentists swiftly carry out their operations. You feel minimal discomfort and relaxed while you’re having a dental procedure on relative analgesic.

Will the Happy Gas result in me having a laughing fit?

Happy gas does not make you or your child hyper once it enters your body. You feel pleased due to the high level of relaxation state that your body enters and how all your worries and stress get alleviated. You calmly sit on the chair as our dentists do their work. Individual effects vary from person to person. We will do a thorough evaluation prior to administering relativ e analgesic to make sure this is the right option for you.

Will this procedure hurt me?

All you have to do is put on a mask and inhale the laughing gas. You may need local anesthesia for the dental procedure but it can then be provided with minimal dysfunction for the laughing gas. It is a relatively safe procedure, even for children, and the effect wears off pretty quickly.

While undergoing the Happy Gas procedure, your body is entirely calm and the laughing gas acts as analgesia which is why you’re not feeling any pain. With Happy Gas, you get relative analgaesia and mild relief from dental anxiety; thus, the slight pain and pressures from dental tools and needles become bearable for you.

Is Happy Gas safe for my child?

Happy gas is a relatively safe and effective method for children and adults alike. There are minor after-effects like headaches and vomiting. However, if your child throws up more than twice post eh procedure, then you must consult our dental professionals immediately for a swift solution.

However, the effect of this gas wears off very quickly, sometimes under 2-minutes time. And afterward, our dentists make sure you or your child, whoever undergoes a sedation procedure, breathes in plenty of oxygen for five consecutive minutes. Our Melbourne based, experienced professionals keep the patient under supervision for 20 minutes at least post the procedure to make sure everything is well.

They also check the oxygen saturation of the patient during the ongoing procedure to minimise the risk of any complications, as well as monitor the vital signs such as heart rate.

How is Happy Gas different from other sedatives?

Happy gas is a safer alternative to other sedation procedures and is relatively safe for both children and adults. Other advanced complex sedation procedures like IV Sedation or general anesthesia are usually for complex dental procedures that require you to be put to sleep completely.

With Happy Gas, you are awake but have mild anxiety relief and analgesia which helps you cope with the dental procedures at ease.