It might be challenging to know when to seek restorative or emergency dental care from an emergency dentist. Being able to identify the warning signs of a dental emergency is crucial in order to prevent major difficulties. Here are a few of the most typical dental crises, along with their signs.

How To Differentiate A Minor Dental Problem From A True Dental Emergency

It might be difficult to determine if you need dental care right now or if you can wait. Thus, we’ve put up a list of frequent dental injuries that need to be treated right away.

You Have A Broken Tooth

You don’t need to contact an emergency dentist if your tooth is only chipped and you are not in any discomfort. Typically, severe pain will result from a knocked out or fractured permanent tooth. Seeking emergency dental care could help preserve your tooth in addition to helping with pain management. If the tooth is completely knocked out, keep it in a cup of milk until you can get emergency dental care. This will increase the likelihood of saving and replacing the tooth.

You’re Having Unexplained Toothaches

Severe, ongoing, and unexplained toothaches may indicate an infection or gum disease. If the pain is not too severe, start with some at-home remedies. However, it’s important to give your emergency dentist a call if the pain gets worse or does not stop. In the worst situation, you might have a tooth abscess. Check for any bumps that may be giving you pain by feeling around the gums and the tooth. Fever, sensitive teeth, and facial or mouth swelling are other symptoms to be aware of. Immediately locate an emergency dental facility if you have any of these symptoms.

You Have Bleeding Gums

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease or if your gums bleed slightly after flossing, this is normal. Seeking dental care is crucial, though, if the bleeding is severe, ongoing, and accompanied by discomfort or swelling. Periodontal disease may be the cause of unexplained bleeding.

You Have A Swollen Mouth Or Jaw

There are a number of reasons for a swollen jaw. It may be brought on by an infection, enlarged lymph nodes, or, in the most uncommon circumstances, malignancy. This, too, is indicative of gum disease. It is best to make an emergency dental appointment since you are unable to determine what is causing the swelling.

You Have A Lost Filling

Fillings have a limited shelf life as well. Pain frequently follows when one slips out. Make an effort to visit our office as soon as possible.

A crown or root canal may be necessary if the cavity is quite deep. Otherwise, a fresh replacement filling may be the course of treatment. Additionally, it’s critical to seek treatment right away because putting up with a missing filling for a long time increases your risk of tooth decay and loss.

Teeth damage can occasionally cause discoloration. We provide whitening solutions to address this problem.

Do You Require Emergency Dental Care?

Any dental issue that requires prompt attention to stop bleeding, minimize swelling, preserve your tooth, or ease discomfort is considered an emergency. Never be afraid to pick up the phone, give your dentist a call, and describe your symptoms as precisely as you can. Emergency visits occur on the same day. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary suffering. It is important to treat an emergency seriously.

Our caring dentists at Healthy Smiles take every emergency call seriously as we aim to restore your comfort and complete any necessary restoration work swiftly.

You can book a dental appointment online or reach out to us at the contact details below.

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