Smile is the most attractive feature of one’s personality. However, a good or poorly maintained oral hygiene will determine the fate of your teeth. At Healthy Smiles, we suggest that we need to preserve the beauty of our teeth, just like how some of us would protect a newly bought high-end car from mud and puddles. When we talk about taking care of our teeth many of us confuse it with just brushing the teeth regularly. Sadly, that’s not it. To bring the best results to those pearly white assets, we suggest you follow our top 3 tips for life to keep your teeth white.

Top 3 Tips to Maintain Your Sparkling Teeth for Life

We come across plenty of advice regarding oral hygiene. Just when you access social media platforms you find so many dental enthusiasts and brands talking about tooth sensitivity or oral problems. But not everyone takes them seriously but is aware of how to do it.

We are here to reiterate the approaches to help you achieve the best results for the long term.

1. Limit Dark Beverages

Are you someone who likes to wake up with a mug of coffee or tea? Are you someone who likes a glass of cold drinks after every lunch hour? If yes, then this tip is just for you.

Undoubtedly the reason behind the discolouration of the teeth involves daily food and drinking habits. Consuming an excessive amount of dark drinks over a period of stain our teeth. If you are genuinely concerned about your teeth avoid or at least limit these beverages. And if you are someone who gets over your Monday blues with a cup of coffee or tea, here’s a simple hack we suggest! Next time you want to enjoy your favourite drink use a straw. And if you have undergone teeth whitening treatment recently, then this hack is highly recommended for you.

2. Quit Tobacco

Most of you might think that avoiding beverages will be enough to save your teeth but if you are someone who has the remorseful habit of smoking tobacco on a regular basis then avoiding dark drinks would not drive any results. Yes, you heard that right! Smoking can stain your teeth immensely and cause irreversible damages for long term. Remember this harmful habit can also harm your whole mouth so quitting tobacco can help you achieve instant results.

3. Brushing Your Teeth is An Exercise

The third suggestion we provide is the art of brushing your teeth. This involves selecting the right toothpaste. By right toothpaste, we mean start using a toothpaste which will help you remove the stains caused by your daily food habits. Choose your toothbrush just like choosing your favourite outfit, it needs to be chosen with care too, the bristles of your toothbrush should be soft enough to remove the intricate dirt on your teeth, the shape of your brush should be able to reach all areas inside your mouth easily. Practice replacing it every three to four months, always remember once the toothbrush is worn out it wouldn’t do its job. Don’t let the bacteria linger between your teeth, so preach flossing daily. And always, always remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Have you started working on your teeth? Then kick start it from today. Try following these easy tips for healthy oral hygiene. For expertise dental treatment call us at 03 9877 2035 Here at Healthy Smiles Dental Group we guarantee that your experience with us will be memorable in the best ways possible.

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