Smiling is a free therapy; it can help us promote an environment of peace and tranquillity all around us. But not all of us are comfortable with this mode of therapy. Smiling is a woeful task for some of us. They are always conscious and try to avoid smiling for pictures or while meeting new people. They may have valid reasons too for not approving the way they smile.

Today, let us counter these reasons which make people less comfortable to smile and discuss how digital smile design can help them.

Some Reasons Behind Digital Smile Design


Pale or discoloured teeth are the most common cause of concern for most people. Our natural teeth tend to discolour over time, and it can also depend a great deal upon the kind of food we intake. Food and drinks with rich colour can stain the enamel of our natural teeth. These staining food and drinks include red wine, coffee, tomato sauce, curries, beetroot, soy sauce, etc.


Teeth that are stacked up randomly can create an unpleasant sight too. Overbite, underbite, crossbite, and uneven spacing are just to name a few issues which make teeth look crooked. Often genetics are to be blamed for this misalignment of teeth. But they can also be caused by childhood habits like sucking a thumb or an impact by accident.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Although our natural teeth are strong enough, they can still be damaged by external forces. A blow to the face, chewing hard food or accidentally falling on a hard surface can damage our natural teeth too. These factors can cause the teeth to chip off or crack at uneven angles. Besides the pain, chipped or cracked teeth do invite caries and affect your smile a great deal.

Lost Tooth

Many people lose teeth with aging or due to accidents. Sportsmen are prone to lose teeth on the field, especially in contact sports. Another factor causing teeth loss is aging. Natural teeth tend to get weaker with age and fall off after certain years. Losing teeth doesn’t just ruin your smile, but it also turns up as a challenging situation for eating food and moves the adjacent teeth from their respective positions.

Nobody likes to have a smile that is less than perfect. And for this reason, our skilled Melbourne dentist at Healthy Smiles Dental Group work towards providing patients with their perfect smiles. This is done with the help of cutting-edge technology in dentistry, known as Digital Smile Makeover. It is transparent as it allows people to be an active member of the process of redesigning their smiles.

The process of designing a person’s smile is completed in various stages. The first stage involves capturing x-rays, images and videos of the current position of the patient’s teeth. After this stage, a detailed study of the untoward features of the patient’s teeth is done. The patient gets to discuss their opinion and desirable changes that they want to see in their smile. This inclusion of the patient plays an important role in the process of designing their new smile. Our dentists get to know the exact expectations of the patients from their new smile. The dentists can also discuss the feasibility of these smile expectations and can tell which features can or cannot be achieved.

Using simulation software, we create the design of a new smile for the patient and proceed towards approval by them. At this stage, the patient can approve or ask for amendments in the smile design. Once the design is finalised, our dentists perform dental treatment.

This treatment stage can include performing cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants, applying porcelain dental crowns and veneers, and orthodontic treatments, etc. depending upon the requirement of the patient.

Digital Smile Design makes patients aware of the treatment and its outcome before going under the knife (read drill in this case) which helps reduce all the anxiety related to dental treatments. Our expert dentists make sure that the new smile thoroughly reflects the personality of the patient.

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