We as parents always choose the safety of our children when it comes to oral treatment. Sedation techniques are trending now, and most of us are curious to know if sleep dentistry for kids too?

With the advancement of the dental industry, sedation is a trending and top recommendation of most of the dentists. They recommend sedation for long, complex procedures and for the patients who are quite nervous and young. Sleep dentistry or dental sedation is normally a very safe treatment technique, by opting this, parents can help their children to get rid of dental pain.

Is your child suffering from any dental issue? Are you planning for the oral sedation? Is sedation dentistry safe for your kids? If yes, then these are the few things you are recommended to know before the treatment.

Let us begin with the types of sedation treatment.

Types of Dental Sedation

Dental sedation or sleep dentistry is a technique using calming drugs to control panic or anxiety, while your child is undergoing treatment. Four categorised sleep dentistry practices are as followed:

  • Oral sedation,
  • Nitrous oxide,
  • Intravenous sedation and
  • General anesthesia

According to Healthy Smiles Dental Group, sleep dentistry is the dental treatment which will destroy the patient’s phobia and allow them to cope up with the dentist. They also prescribe at least two forms of sedation appointments to get rid of the dental problems completely. We have a very simple mantra of sleep, dream & smile! This means you can get your oral treatment either staying partially conscious or while sleeping completely.

Kids are preferably treated using nitrous oxide or laughing gas to let them stay calm. There is a mask which delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen, and under 5 minutes the patient gets to relax experiencing a dizzy feeling. After the dental procedure, at the end patient is treated with pure oxygen in order to clear out the nitrous oxide present inside.

During Intravenous sedation process, a needle is injected into the patient’s vein. Dental Board of Australia explains that the nitrous oxide is delivered to the children which drives them to sleep before the needle is inserted. Once the child is asleep, the needle is inserted usually in the veins at the back of the kid’s hand. To aid breathing, a tube is preferred to insert into the patient’s throat.

Visiting Dental Clinic

According to the Children’s Hospital of Melbourne, we as a parent can help our child in staying panic-free by calming and encouraging them. Also, they say that you can keep your child distract by some soft toys or play items. Holding their hands and talking to them keeps them phobia free and lets them cope up with the dentists. They also ask parents to avoid bringing any infants during the practice in order to focus on their child who is getting treated.

Before Sedation

The Australian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends parents to take care of their child’s oral issues before it becomes a complex dental disease, by knowing what exactly happened. Also, preparing your children will help them to deal with the oral problem in a better manner. Parents are pre-consulted to restrict food and beverages before sedation. This consultation should be strictly followed by parents to ensure that their child doesn’t suffer any problem while undergoing the treatment. If the guidance is not followed properly, sedation dentistry may lead to stomach uneasiness or inhalation of contents into the lungs.

While we are talking about the children it is important to maintain their comfort in and out. That is why doctors suggest parents to make wear their children, loose-fitting clothes which allow dentists to attach monitors without any interruption and quickly.

The last precaution which needs to be followed is providing the dentist with the full medical history of your child. It would become convenient for the dentists to prepare any prescriptions or medications over the counter or herbal supplements.

Healthy Check-Ups for Your Kids

Safety is the prime motto of the children dentist during dental sedation. During the process, the patient’s internal body activities such as blood oxygen level, blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate is examined as well as monitored meticulously. Some of the parents want their kid to get treated by the general anesthesia, so they are suggested to take it from the dental hospitals.

After Sedation: Treatment is continued!

At Healthy Smiles, parents can stay with their kids after the dental sedation. In order to keep the child, relax after they are awake, the dentist allows parents to stay. Your child may feel dizzy or baffled as well as nauseous. We suggest a minimum of two adults accompany the child after the practice is completed. Why? It is because you can’t manage the driving as well your child’s health at a time. So that one of the adults will drive and another parent will frequently check the breathing rate.

The effects of sedation last quite long, which could include dizziness, loss of physical coordination, sleepiness, and nausea which means you must avoid the school in the weekdays as it could occupy your whole day with such symptoms. Don’t ask or allow your child to return to the day schools.

Even if the procedures of the dental sedation are over, the treatment or precautions are needed to obey. Therefore, after the first few hours of sedation, parents should feed their children only with soft food. If any of the symptoms like vomiting, severe pain or bleeding or fever has hit your kid, then immediate contact is a must. Don’t try to treat the kid at home by yourselves.

When the mouth is recovered properly, your child can take the regular routine and care of the teeth. Brushing twice a day will keep their teeth healthy and white away from the bacteria.

Sedation dentistry is a great solution if safety is taken care of properly with the right care and treatment. Always talk to your dentist and let them know every detail of your child. Are you planning to get sleep dentistry for your kids? Consult us today!

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