The rise in popularity of the Invisalign range of clear braces cannot go unnoticed. Invisalign braces are made up of a SmarTrack material. This material is responsible for more guided and predictable tooth movements as compared to traditional braces. They are also custom-designed for a patient and are made to align a desired set of teeth at a given point of time.

There are more reasons for what makes Invisalign so popular, apart from not worrying about your appearance as when you clad the regular braces you are a bit more conscious of your appearance, it can be hassle-free inside your mouth, they are easy to maintain and replace, the customised material rarely causes any allergies, and the list can go on and on. But how can you decide on what works for all, will work for you too, is Invisalign right for me? That’s where our dentists at Healthy Smiles come into saving your teeth.

Is Invisalign Right for Me?

We have prepared a list of questions that may give you a gist of the things to consider while deciding whether or not to opt for an Invisalign.

1) What is the extent and type of misaligned teeth you own?

While Invisalign can deal with issues like underbite, overbite, crossbite, gapped and overcrowded teeth, they are of little help in complex cases. There are limitations when it comes to more complex misalignments. It is a more sophisticated option as compared to the traditional braces. In some severe cases, dentists first extract the extremely crooked teeth. It is only after removing those extreme teeth that Invisalign can be put on. But it remains in an expert’s hand to decide what best suits your teeth and whether the Invisalign treatment will work for you or not.

2) How old are you?

Just like any other treatment, the age of a person is an important factor in deciding the course of Invisalign. It is best suited for middle-aged to old-aged patients as it leaves little room for teeth growth and hence is not advisable for small children or young teenagers who have growing teeth. People with fully developed teeth are best suited for Invisalign. If you are old enough, and your teeth aren’t growing any longer, you are the right person for this treatment.

3) How dedicated are you?

Just as they say, “nothing works until you do”. Similarly, even Invisalign braces require a dedication towards the treatment from the patient’s end. These braces give the best results when worn for at least 20-22 hours a day. The desired results may not be achieved if this time limit is not followed. The treatment will take longer if the Invisalign braces are put on only for smaller intervals of time. If you can fully commit to this routine, then the usage of Invisalign undoubtedly will give you impressive results.

All this said, we have to agree with the fact that just reading these online researches won’t help you give a detailed answer to whether Invisalign is actually the right option for you. But of course, you can get the exact assessment after visiting our experienced dentists at Healthy Smiles. Our expert team of dentists are always ready to help you out with all your doubts and dental needs.

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