Children can get scared and anxious about dental procedures. Dental visits can stress them out. However, the advanced medical system offers an interesting solution – sleep dentistry. With sleep dentistry, performing dental procedures that are necessary for the oral health of the children becomes easy for the dentist and comfortable for the kids. Sleep dentistry is a practical and widely practised process that encourages children to get oral care solutions. Keep reading to learn about sleep dentistry and how safe it is for children:

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is also referred to as sedation dentistry, and its usage helps in reducing pain and discomfort in the patients while a dentist is carrying out different dental procedures. Most children will show signs of fear and anxiety when visiting a dentist or undergoing dental procedures. To take care of the kids’ oral problems, dentists often go with sleep dentistry for children. There are different types of sleep dentistry. At Healthy Smiles, we offer the below forms of sleep dentistry:

General Anesthesia 

Dentists use general anesthesia to perform small oral surgeries or bigger dental procedures such as the removal of wisdom teeth. Children who face severe anxiety and fear, even from visiting a dentist, are usually given general anesthesia before they are treated.

IV Sedation 

Patients that require undergoing dental procedures for long hours can be treated with IV sedation. IV sedation may also be combined with local anesthesia to reduce the discomfort of the patient. This method of sleep dentistry is best for those who face mild dental anxieties. 

Happy Gas 

Happy gas is administered through a nose piece and can be easily administered for children to treat their dental issues. Happy gas is also referred to as nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This form of sedation helps them relax and reduces the level of pain and discomfort. 

Sedation Through Inhalation 

This form of sedation is used in emergencies, and the drug is administered through inhalation. It acts quickly, and its effect may last for up to 45 minutes. 

Oral Sedation 

This form of sleep dentistry uses an oral drug to induce sleep. It is easy to administer and one of the most common forms of sleep dentistry.

Happy gas is considered the safest and easiest option of sleep dentistry for children. However, other ways of sedation are also safe. Our skilled dentists at Healthy Smiles will determine the best form of sleep dentistry for your child after analyzing their oral condition, medical history (considering allergies, diseases, etc.), and the type of dental treatment they need to undergo. 

At Healthy Smiles, we offer all types of dental treatments for children and adults. For detailed information on sleep dentistry and the dental treatments we offer, you can book an appointment with us by dialling on 03 9877 2035 or come visit us in our office. Find our contact details below:

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