Do you hate the idea of pain and prefer to stay away from dental health care sessions? At Healthy Smiles, we care for our patients and provide quality enriched sleep dentistry services in Blackburn to ensure that everyone in need receives their dental care with peace and comfort. Our sleep dentistry service is an option that we have for clients suffering from dental anxiety and the fear of pain. With innovative and updated techniques, we plan and provide the requisite treatment. But is sleep dentistry safe for all age groups? To find out a good answer to this question, keep reading this content.

What is Sleep Dentistry In Blackburn?

To understand the answer to ‘is sleep dentistry safe in Blackburn for everyone?’ You first need to get an idea of what sleep dentistry is. Sleep dentistry is a special but simple dental procedure used to treat an anxiety-prone or pain-fearing patient, to help him/her relax while the dental treatment is carried out. In short, it is a type of sedation that comes in different levels depending on the type of treatment being administered, dental history, and level of anxiety.

Different Levels Of Sedation in Sleep Dentistry

The levels of sedation in the case of sleep dentistry are decided by our dentists based on factors like the patient’s oral health condition, his potential to bear the pain, whether there is dental phobia involved, and the kind of treatment offered. Sedation is usually classified into 4 levels:

  • Minimal Sedation
  • Moderate Sedation
  • High or Deep Sedation
  • And, General Anesthesia

Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry

Do not let any kind of fear decide your treatment course and time. You ought to have a picture-perfect smile with pearly white teeth, perfectly aligned and shaped. Sleep dentistry helps you to bypass any sort of discomfort or stress that the oral treatment you have opted for involves. What you gain is a comfortable session with better results. Here are some of the prominent benefits hitched to sleep dentistry:

  • Relax and enjoy your treatment
  • You can even have a deep sleep while your teeth get a makeover
  • Better dentist-patient coordination which makes the surgery safe
  • You don’t carry back any bad memories during this procedure, such as observing blood, cuts, stitches and so on.
  • Advanced remedy for any kind of oral health concerns

These benefits make sleep dentistry safe for all age groups, especially children and older adults.

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Sleep Dentistry In Blackburn

Sleep Dentistry can be helpful in the following instances:

  • Emergency dental care
  • Removing wisdom tooth
  • To carry out bone grafts and dental implants
  • Crown and Bridgework
  • Tackle complicated dental processes
  • Full mouth restoration

Should I Opt For Sleep Dentistry?

Our dentists use local anesthesia to make you fall asleep before commencing the dental procedure. Nitrous oxide or happy gas is mostly used to carry out this sedation and thorough monitoring is there to make you feel safe and comfortable. Opt for sleep dentistry if:

  • You hate the idea of pain and discomfort
  • Have zero tolerance for stitches and needles
  • Sensitive teeth or gum
  • Scared of dentists due to some bad experiences with other practitioners in the past
  • Problem with your jaw that needs bone grafts

For More Information, Contact Healthy Smiles

Sleep dentistry in Blackburn comes at an affordable rate with us and is completely safe for all age groups. If you are looking for sleep dentistry services in Blackburn, call our experts at Healthy Smiles to make an appointment.

You can book a dental appointment online with us or reach out to us on the below contact details.

Serving the local residents around Blackburn, Forest Hill, Box Hill, Nunawading, Burwood & Burwood East and wider Melbourne and regional Victoria with our state of the art Sleep dentistry facility in Blackburn South.

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