Intra Oral Camera

Intra Oral Camera We at Healthy Smiles use a highly sophisticated intraoral camera that helps capture real life images of the teeth and instantly help store and display these image of a large 21' screen. Seeing is believing and sometimes small cracks and leakages around fillings that cannot be detected by naked eye can be picked up quite easily by the high resolution of this camera.

We then produce a print out of relevant images and give them to our patients so they can have a record of their teeth and also fully understand the condition of their teeth so they can make informed choices. We have invested in this technology for the benefit of our patients so as to provide the best possible quality of treatment and care.

With an intraoral digital camera, patient education is simplified by being able to help the patient see what their dentist sees. The camera has a specially designed rounded head that is comfortable in the mouth and allows effortless viewing of hard-to-reach areas. With the sensitive Easy Touch button, images are captured effortlessly without moving the hand. The camera is focus free, allowing users to focus solely on the patient and capture images is shortest time possible with minimum discomfort to patient.

The camera provides exceptionally precise images. It uses latest generation LEDs with high-performance optics. A wide area is uniformly illuminated and images are of natural colour. Images are distortion-free and provide a true, clear representation of the oral condition.

Digital Intra-Oral X-rays

Digital Intra-Oral X-raysDigital radiographs are one of the newest X-ray techniques available. We at Healthy Smiles have invested in high end digital radiographs for the comfort and care of our patients.

With digital radiographs, film is replaced with a flat electronic pad or sensor. The X-rays hit the pad the same way they hit the film. But instead of developing the film in a dark room, the image is electronically sent directly to a computer where the image appears on the screen. The image can then be stored on the computer or printed out. One of the advantages of this process is that radiographs can be digitally compared to previous radiographs in a process called subtraction radiography. The computer can digitally compare the two images, subtract out everything that is the same and give a clear image of anything that is different.

Main Advantages

  • 80% less RADIATION than conventional film X-rays
  • Easy Storage and can be retrieved when necessary at a click of a button
  • Easy sharing with other specialists ( can be emailed instantly)
  • no waiting time for films to be developed and fixed
  • can change contrast and brightness to detect even minor changes in teeth and cavities

We wouldn’t do it any other way for our family and hence it is the standard of care for our patients

This means that tiny changes that may not be noticeable with the naked eye can be caught earlier and more clearly with digital-subtraction radiography. Subtraction radiography requires a specialized projection technique and additional software.

Intraoral X-rays are the most common radiographs made. If you're like most people who visit the dentist, you've had many sets of intraoral radiographs in your life and you'll likely have many more. Because they give a high level of detail, these are the X-rays that allow dentists to find caries, look at the tooth roots, check the health of the bony area surrounding the tooth, see the status of developing teeth, and otherwise monitor good tooth health. The various types of intraoral X-rays show different aspects of the teeth:

  • Bite-wing X-rays highlight the crowns of the teeth. On each radiograph, the upper and lower teeth in one portion of the mouth are shown, from the crown to about the level of the jaw. 
  • Periapical X-rays highlight the entire tooth. On each radiograph, the teeth from either the upper or lower jaw in one portion of the mouth are shown. The difference between periapican and bitewings is that in a periapical X-ray, the whole tooth is shown, from the crown down past the end of the root to the part of the jaw where the tooth is anchored.

Extraoral radiographs

Extraoral X-rays are made with the film outside the mouth. These can be considered the "big picture" X-rays. They show teeth, but their main focus is on the jaw or skull. Extraoral radiographs are used for monitoring growth and development, looking at the status of impacted teeth, examining the relationships between teeth and jaws and examining the temporomandibular joint or other bones of the face. Extraoral X-rays are less detailed than intraoral X-rays, so they are not used for detecting caries or flaws in individual teeth.

  • Panoramic radiographs show the entire mouth area - all teeth on both upper and lower jaws - on a single X-ray. This type of X-ray requires a special panoramic X-ray machine. The tube head that emits the X-rays circles behind the patient's head, while the film simultaneously circles across the front. That way, the full, broad view of the jaws is captured on one film. Because the machine moves in a set path, the patient has to be positioned very carefully. And, because the beam and the film are both moving, any movement from the patient will blur the image on the screen. That's why such care is taken to keep the patient's head absolutely still in exactly the right position. The machines may have chin rests, forehead rests, and side head positioners, plus bite-blocks that patients will be asked to close their teeth around. All this may look and feel intimidating, but the process is very safe and often uses less radiation than intraoral radiographs.

LCD Screens and DVD Movies

LCD Screens and DVD Movies Our patients are delighted with the 24" widescreen digital LCD screens available, in all our treatment rooms. These screens are positioned on the ceiling above the dental chair, so that during your dental treatment, you have something to distract and entertain you. Having something to focus your attention on, will make your appointment seem so much quicker.

We have three options for your viewing pleasure: -


There are free-to-air television stations available at all times. Select from Channels 7, 9, 10, ABC and SBS. If you have a favourite television show, please let us know!

Relaxation DVD’s

We have several relaxation DVD’s available which are popular for shorter appointments. Our selection includes underwater scenes, ocean scenes, desert scenes and rainforest scenes – all have amazing footage accompanied by calm, soothing music.

Complimentary movies

For longer appointments, we offer complimentary movies from our in-house DVD collection.

If there’s a particular movie you’d like to see, let us know prior to your appointment and we can have it ready for you. If you’d like to browse, simply come in 10 minutes early for your appointment, and a team member will go through with all our latest DVD releases and set it up for you prior to taking you through one of our state of art treatment rooms.

Romantic comedy, drama and light action tend to be the best movie genres when you’re in the dental chair.

Computer designed restorations (CEREC)

Bonded Dental Ceramics (CEREC) are state-of-the-art in bio-mimetic replacements for worn-out teeth. These restorations mimic natural teeth and provide a durable, beautiful and healthy alternative to traditional metal fillings.

Using a highly specialised camera attached to a computer, a series of images of your tooth are captured inside your mouth. These are processed and result in a virtual model of your tooth visible on the computer screen. Using a library of possible shapes and uniquely-designed software tools, the 3-D computer version of the new restoration is produced. The 3-D model is electronically transmitted to the 'milling unit', where diamond-coated instruments shape a ceramic block to form the new restoration. This process takes place chair-side, and lasts only minutes. Final fit and finishing is done by hand, with the completed restoration immediately bonded to your tooth-all over in a single appointment.

For more info, visit our Cerec Page

Oraquix Needle free Anaesthetic

Oraqix is the only FDA-approved, needle free-anaesthetic for scaling and root planning.

( Deep Cleaning of Gums)

Since it’s introduction in 2004, Oraqix has changed the way pain relief is administered and has opened the door to more advanced scaling and root planning procedures. Regardless of whether you need consecutive quadrant scaling or full-mouth periodontal procedures, Oraqix is the best option for delivering profound, needle-free anaesthesia which helps the patient avoid a numb mouth for a lengthy amount of time after their procedure.

Noteworthy Benefits

  • Needle-free, increases patient comfort while reducing anxiety
  • Safe, non-allergenic and not contraindicated for use on inflamed tissue
  • Easy to use, applied as a liquid, but sets to a gel, so it stays in place for effective absorption on desired treatment area
  • Fast onset, anesthetizing effects in just 30 seconds, allowing treatment to begin immediately
  • 20-minute duration, returns patients to normal sensitivity in about 20 minutes, so they can resume normal activity as soon as they leave the office
  • High maximum dosage, up to 5 cartridges per appointment ensures ability to complete procedures within dosage safety guidelines
  • Site-specific, so multiple areas of the mouth can be treated in one visit, enabling full-mouth procedures

Penthrox ( Relaxation and Analgesia)

Penthrox™ – a revolutionary product for the provision of immediate pain relief.

Penthrox™ is a safe, convenient and effective means of providing pain relief to patients. With 30 years of use within Australia, Penthrox™ is commonly referred to as the “first line” in pain management.

Penthrox™ is a non-narcotic inhalational analgesic with rapid onset that is simple and easy to administer.

Penthrox™ is ideal for:

  • Controlling anxiety and nervousness prior to dental anaesthetics
  • Controlling pain form minor procedures from scaling and root planning
  • Patients with multiple medications as it has minimal interactions
  • Wearing off quickly; Penthrox wears off 10 minutes after use so patients can drive home as well within15 minutes
  • does not put patients to sleep and hence patients are always in control and aware of their surrounding

Our patients who have used penthrox say they would never have a dental procedure without it

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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