One of our best and sweetest patients, Brad heard about us from his brother, and had a real fear of the dentist 🙁 he hadn’t been to one in years.

Our Principal dentist Dr Ved Berani, completed a full exam and found Brad’s teeth to be heavily worn and paper-thin 🙁 due to lots of grinding. Brad didn’t believe there was anything anyone could do to help now, he’d just learnt to live with his fraying teeth.

Dr Ved and the Healthy Smiles team were excited to help Brad improve his smile and quality of life, however! There was definitely hope and ways to help, and Brad become a little emotional to hear this <3

And so plans began!

With our unique and modern technology, Dr Ved took heaps of photographs of Brad’s face, teeth and smile completed a 3D Scan of his entire teeth and mouth, took multiple internal photographs and external headshots with our Smile Light technology. Dr Ved wrote up an entire plan, including all details of how we were going to help bring Brad to smile back! 😀

Treatment began almost immediately! In just under two weeks Brad now had a glistening set of crowns to not only improve his visual smile but also protect the state of his worn teeth for the rest of his life! We still cannot get over the transformation!

Brad- “Looks incredible, I can’t really believe that’s how I look like now!” Neither can we! 😀

Dr Ved and the team do an incredible job helping people like Brad who have dental fears and anxieties, and who have come to us with serious dental concerns. We also provide Active Maintenance services, examinations Invisalign, and basic teeth repair and care. At Healthy Smiles, we are all about preserving and maintaining our pearly whites too. 🙂

Know a friend, brother or mother who needs some help? Or can we help YOU achieve your smile dreams?!

Looking for a free consultation?

You can book a dental appointment online with us or reach out to us on the below contact details.

Healthy Smiles Dental Group

Address: 152 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South, VIC 3130

Phone Number: 03 9877 2035


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