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$99 wisdom teeth consultation

$99 wisdom teeth consultation

Free Invisalign consultation with 3D Digital Scan

Free Invisalign consultation with 3D Digital Scan

$595 Take-Home Zoom Whitening

Free consultation for Dental Implant

Get Your Obligation Free-Consultations at Multi-Award Winner Melbourne Dentist

We understand that often you don’t see a dentist for a while. Sometimes you get busy with other bigger responsibilities of life or you just haven’t had the inclination or motivation or finances at that time to look after your smile. After hearing the stories from our clients and learning the reasons behind the procrastination to look after their smile, Our compassionate team at Healthy Smiles came to the conclusion to invite you to come in for an obligation free consultation. Have a chat with one of our friendly dentists, get digital photographs of your smile clicked and ask any questions you may have about your oral health. There is no pressure, no sales pitch and no catch.
Dentistry in Australia has changed for the better. With the advancement in technology and materials, we as dental professionals can offer better and more conservative restorations than the traditional drill fill model. Our philosophy of “Health First ” puts us in a position where we approach dental problems so as to devise long-lasting solutions on a good healthy foundation.
Feel free to call us on (03)9877 2035 to reserve your appointment for your Free Consultation.

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Complimentary Smile Makeover Consultation With Melbourne Dentist

Complimentary Smile Makeover Consultation With Melbourne Dentist

Complimentary Smile Makeover Consultation With Melbourne Dentist

Do you want to improve your smile? Want to feel confident and have great self-esteem? At Healthy Smiles, your caring and compassionate Melbourne dentists, we offer complimentary smile makeover consultation. Talk to our caring team today to book a complimentary consultation and find out your smile makeover options and costs in Melbourne.

Complimentary Dental Implants Consultation In Melbourne

Complimentary Dental Implants Consultation In Melbourne
Have you got Missing Teeth? Is this affecting your confidence to smile? Is this making it difficult for you to enjoy your food? your Melbourne implant dentist at Healthy Smiles can help! Get the high quality latest dental Implants In Melbourne with digital guided technology.
Schedule your complimentary dental implant consultation in Melbourne with our amazing Blackburn dental team today.
Complimentary Dental Implants Consultation In Melbourne

Pain-free* and Comfortable Dental Visits in Melbourne

Pain-free and Comfortable Dental Visits in Melbourne

Pain-free* and Comfortable Dental Visits in Melbourne

Fearful of the dentist? Take advantage of our trusted and safe methods to help your dental visit a pleasant experience. If you are anxious about the procedure, we can put you at ease with a range of nerve-calmers. Choose a pain-free procedure from happy gas, GA and IV-sedation at our world-class sleep dentistry facility in Melbourne.

Complimentary Invisalign Consultation In Melbourne

Invisalign Free consultation-Blackburn-Melbourne Dentist
You deserve the best and we are here to help you make the right decision for your smile. Thinking about straightening your teeth? Have you considered Invisalign as an option? Talk to our team today to find payment and treatment options for Invisalign. Our no-obligation complimentary consultations include ClinCheck 3D scan which helps you decide if the Invisalign is the right choice for your smile.
Invisalign Free consultation-Blackburn-Melbourne Dentist

How Much is Zoom Teeth Whitening In Melbourne at Blackburn dentist?

Healthy-Smiles-Teeth-Whitening-Blackburn-Melbourne-zoom-whitening-teeth whitening from 395

How Much is Zoom Teeth Whitening In Melbourne at Blackburn dentist?

Our whitening prices start from $395 AUD. We offer a variety of solutions for your teeth whitening needs, including Zoom teeth whitening. Zoom is one of the most popular whitening solutions in Australia, allowing you to quickly and easily whiten teeth in a safe manner. Please make note that we would have to evaluate if you are a good fit for whitening due to sensitivity and other oral health concerns.

*Book your Zoom teeth whitening appointment in Blackburn today. Take-home teeth whitening is only $395.

In-chair teeth whitening is $595. Want custom trays to take home? Just pay $100 to top it up with custom trays with in-chair teeth whitening. Talk to our caring team and get those pearly whites.

Only $99 wisdom teeth consultation

Wisdom teeth or the third molars are the last permanent teeth to appear in your mouth. Not everyone gets them, and that’s normal. Whether or not you have wisdom teeth, is not the problem. The problem is when the wisdom tooth is impacted. If your wisdom teeth are bothering you please ask for help from our wisdom tooth removal experts in Melbourne. Our comprehensive wisdom tooth consultation cost is only $99( consultation, digital photographs and full mouth x-rays).

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