Blackburn South practice goes GLOBAL

DR VED BERANI is proud to announce the introduction of microscope enhanced dentistry at Healthy Smiles Dental Group

Being one of the few general dental practices in Melbourne that utilise the microscope , Dr Ved has created a truly quality , state of art and precision based dental clinic

The use of microscopes in dentistry has become an essential part of our treatment tools. The improvement in vision and ability to provide higher quality treatment is remarkable.

Few patients would truly know what a microscope can do

Early diagnosis

You can only treat what you can see…

With magnified view of the teeth and the mouth at 20 times magnification , we can see early decay/rot on teeth and pick up bacterial infections under gum tissue which often cannot be seen with a naked eye.

Enhanced treatments

Working under high magnification enables the dentist to use smaller/precision tools and for lesser amount of time.All this leads to more conservative painless dentistry which the patients love and want. We love using microscopes to provide enhanced and better dental care.

Save you $$$$

Microscope attached to camera can help the dentist visualise and record and capture live images while the dentist is working which can then be used to communicate to the patient easily such as a deep cavity or a crack on the teeth.

After all seeing is believing

Early detection can save you thousands of $$$$ down the track by intercepting the problem before it has got worse

Helps our Practice Stand out

We believe every patient should get the highest quality dental care irrespective of the cost of the treatment or affordability. Microscopic dentistry helps our practice STAND OUT from the herd not only in philosophy of work but the delivery of it. We will provide the best service possible with all tools and technologies available today irrespective of your treatment decision.

All patients deserve the best dental care and microscopic dentistry with minimal intervention philosophy helps us achieve that.

As we continue to make every effort to achieve the highest quality in patient care , our standards rise as well and rightly so as anything that can make the patient experience better has to be better for our profession and clinical growth.

Investment in technology

Whats better for the dentist has to be better for you

One thing that shouldn’t be underestimated when choosing your dentist is the enormous amount of physical and psychological strain the dentist is under while working. He works in minute areas with a tunnel like vision and the more he sees the better he can treat.

Dentist assisted with a microscope

But there are limitations…

The dentist assisted with a microscope has a much upright , ergonomic posture with less eye fatigue and physical strain. This helps him deliver his 110% throughout the appointment without feeling tired.

In other words the microscope “humps up the dentist” and uprights his spine so he is less fatigued and can work with increased concentration without exhaustion.

A relaxed dentist has to be a better dentist , after all it is your teeth that he is treating…

Give it a go

So next time , you go to your dentist ask him, What isnt he using a microscope?

and better still ,

If you appreciate high quality value based dentistry give us a call on 98772035 to make an appointment with Dr Ved ,

We Would love to meet you.

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