Are you expecting a baby or planning for a family? If yes, you will be noticing some great changes in your body during pregnancy. It is expected to be the most special 9 months for a pregnant woman. Transformation such as the baby bumps, gaining baby weight, backaches, morning sickness, and many others will come with different stages of pregnancy. Sometimes, these changes might trouble you if it lasts for too long. Among all the changes dental problems are one of those which can harm you when least expected. It is very important to take care of your oral health during pregnancy. Here we are going to discuss some key points to keep in mind.

We understand many of us are not informed well about the rise of oral issues before pregnancy. And it actually happens due to the hormonal changes, which affects your teeth and gums too.

These can cause enamel erosion or dryness in your mouth. All of these can trouble you during pregnancy period and harm you and your baby. As long you are waiting for your baby to arrive here are a few crucial points to take care of to keep your mouth and your beautiful smile healthy.

Some Major Issues and Oral Health During Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Gingivitis (Inflammation of Gums)

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are obvious. With different stages of pregnancy, your body will experience various changes in hormones. It is an undeniable factor without such transition your body will not be able to resist the labour phase.

Frequent mood swings may affect your food habit, the sudden swing of moodiness can make you crave for weird food items like peanut butter, pickles, chocolates, and so on.

The hormonal changes can cause swelling of gums in your mouth. This leads to a critical condition called pregnancy gingivitis. The symptoms may get crucial and result in bleeding gums. If you observe such fatal conditions of your mouth for long, Australian Government Department of Health – Pregnancy Care Guidelines recommends to treat it actively. For a professional cleaning of your mouth preferring your dentist would be helpful or reach us at Healthy Smiles.

Are you looking for home remedies? If yes, then here they are.

Home Remedies

We know your concern, so suggesting home remedies are need of the hour for pregnant women’s oral health. It is suggested by an experienced dentist to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid any kind of dental problems. Always use toothpaste which contains very less amount of chemicals which will help you to prevent from plaque, tartar formation, and gingivitis.

Don’t forget to floss once a day, as swelling makes it difficult for the brush-bristles to reach out to the places where the food is stuck.

Pregnancy Tumours

Don’t let the name scare you!

During the pregnancy period, some of you might notice a red line on the border of the upper gums, you might also observe a large chunk with deep red spots forming on gum tissues. The inflammation on the gums can get even worse, red chunk glisten may bleed and coat over the gums. It becomes difficult for pregnant ladies to eat or speak freely and results as a discomfort. Such bacterial growth is known as pregnancy tumours. According to the Australian Government Department of Health – Pregnancy Care Guidelines, such symptoms can be seen during the second trimester of the course of pregnancy. These tumours are not malignant, with proper care it can be cured.

If you feel irritated in such conditions, your dentist can help you by removing those tumours. But in most of the cases, you will find the tumours vanishing after the delivery of your baby.

Home Remedies

You might feel a high level of discomfort during this period, so prevention is necessary. Attentively following of oral health care routine will definitely cure the tumour i.e; brushing twice a day. Use the toothpaste which consists of Flouride. Apart from brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth often with an anti-microbial liquid, follow these simple procedures unanimously.

Morning Sickness and Your Teeth Problems

Most of the women face morning sickness during pregnancy. According to the Australian Dental Association Australian Women and Dental Health Survey examined and found that about 76% of women suffer from morning sickness resulting in vomiting and decaying of teeth. They also concluded the reason behind nausea and tooth decay problems.

The major cause of such oral problems is frequent vomiting tendency forming a coat of strong stomach acids, which in turn weakens the tooth enamel and the acidic coat can increase the risk of tooth decay and erosion.  This usually happens during the early months of pregnancy. Also, if you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux later in this course, the gastric acid is the reason for the decaying of teeth.

Home Remedies

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? If yes, then rinse your mouth using baking soda and water after brushing your teeth, this will definitely help you protecting enamel. Or even easier keep a mouth wash handy, every time you feel nauseous and vomit take few minutes of your time and rinse your mouth with baking soda and water or use the mild mouth wash.

Wave Bye to the Oral Problems: Visit Us Now!

Oral problems are a concerning issue and our dentists will undoubtedly give you solutions for the issues. That is why visiting dentists in the regular interval will help you to get rid of the problems. We will make sure that you are relieved from the dental issues, which in turn will give you enough time to take care of yourself and your baby’s health during the pregnancy period. Always share your honest issues with them, in order to get the right treatment and medications. There might be certain possibilities that some procedures or medication get cancel or postpone until your baby is born depending on the course of the treatment. As per the Australian Dental Association, the dental problem majorly arise in the second trimester and minor dental treatment such as professional cleaning or filling of a cavity can be performed during this phase.

Don’t panic! You are a few steps closer to seeing the magic…

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of women’s lives. With each stage, you will observe different changes in your body. Accepting dental requirements and treating the issues on right time is important. Here at Healthy Smiles, we say it is safe to treat certain oral problems during pregnancy. Are you searching for consultation from well-experienced dentists? If yes, then you can reach us at

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