Pain free dentistry has several differences with traditional dentistry. For one thing, it involves the use of a class of pharmacological drugs known as sedatives to calm and relax the patient before and during the dental procedure; traditional dentistry uses psychological techniques to encourage relaxation in patients. For another thing, it does not involve the use of needles – well, at least, not while the patient is fully aware of it since he is usually under sedation by the time needles are used.

Painless dental care – this is exactly what we provide at Healthy Smiles. We like to think of pain free dentistry as the perfect balance between providing excellent dental care for our patients and ensuring that our patients actually come to their appointments. Our patients come out of our clinic with healthy teeth and satisfied smiles on their faces – and that is something that dentists practicing traditional dentistry will be hard-pressed to achieve.

Our brand of painless dental care is suitable for individuals, both adults and children, who are:

  • Fearful of needles and drills as used in medical and dental procedures;
  • Traumatized from prior dental experiences;
  • Resistant to anaesthetics;
  • Averse to the sights, sounds and smells of dentists’ clinics such as when the smell of medicine become overwhelming or the sight of the tools become frustrating;
  • Leading busy lifestyles and, thus, desire complete treatments in lesser number of dental visits;
  • Dealing with high levels of anxiety and, thus, painless dental procedures will not add more sources of stress;and
  • Dealing with bad gag reflexes.

Pain free dentistry is also highly recommended for patients whose cases involve several visits and whose cases are complicated in nature. Instead of going back and forth for a series of appointments, many complicated dental procedures can be completed in as little as one or two treatments. Just imagine how happy you will be with that news!

You need not worry about comfort and convenience either. The sedatives are administered via oral medication although your dentist will also recommend inhalation or rectal insertion when the procedure requires it – and yes, no needles until well after you are sedated. Now that is pain free dentistry in the physical and psychological aspects!

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