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At Healthy Smiles, we welcome individuals looking for painless dentistry. We focus on providing you with dental care that enables you to enjoy a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. However, we realise that having a healthy, beautiful smile shouldn’t have to be painful. For this reason, we offer painless dental treatment, whether you need general dental treatment or you are interested in undergoing cosmetic procedures at our office.

Our dedicated dental team works hard to ensure that you enjoy excellent service, a relaxing environment and pain free dentistry that you don’t have to dread. There’s no need to fear procedures due to pain. Even those who suffer from dental anxiety can undergo important treatments without pain.

STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System

The WAND - Virtually painless dental anaesthetic

The Wand Anaesthetic

Virtually painless dental injections are now a reality at Healthy Smiles Dental Group. This is another example of the dental team at Healthy Smiles to bring you the latest in dental technology to add comfort and positive experience to your dental visit.

No Pain, No Fear, No Noise, No Anxiety

One of the most common fears patients have of visiting the dentist is the fear of dental injections and the needle. With the WAND now available at Healthy Smiles ,patients can now experience virtually painless injections with a computerised anaesthetic delivery system with virtually no feeling of the injection pricking the gums and causing apprehension and anxiety.

The first of its kind and delivered through skilled trained hands the WAND has made dealing with the phobic and the anxious patients a walk in the park for Dr Ved Berani and his team.

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Happy Gas

Happy gas or laughing gas as it is often called is actually a combination of happy gas and oxygen delivered through safe Porter System to achieve a mild form of analgesia and sedation.

A nose piece is normally used to deliver this sedative. Dr Ved Berani often uses this form of Sleep dentistry for children over 12 years of age and adults who have mild anxiety issues and can tolerate a mask over their nose. As this form of anaesthesia depends on the patient’s ability to breathe comfortably through the nose, any form of respiratory disorder can make this a difficult option for Sleep dentistry.


Best for..

Patients who dislike needles as it provides a bit of altered consciousness and reduces mild anti anxiety. It can be used safely for most patients except for ones with terminal disease or respiratory obstruction, severe cold or hay fever.

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Confort In


Comfort-in™️ is a spring operated needle-free injection system. This system is a type of medical injecting syringe that uses high-pressure – it uses the narrow jet of the injected liquid instead of a hypodermic needle to penetrate the epidermis (skin).

Comfort-in™️ is a compact system and delivers up to 0.5ml (50 units) of any liquid medication, it can also be referred to as a jet injector. It is ideal for personal use to self-administer insulin, hormones, vitamin B-12 and other liquid injectable grade medication.

In regards to personal use, Comfort-in™️ is an astonishing device that has given individuals with needle phobia the confidence and reassurance to receive or self-administer medication via the needle free injection system. It gives needle phobics the power to receive vaccinations or to allow their medical health professional, to administer local anesthesia to perform simple procedures such as stitches.

Painless Dentistry is Available with Your Local Dentist

Our fast-growing practice offers you painless dentistry at your local dentist’s office. You will be able to enjoy the newest dental technologies, an experienced team and a stylish, fast-growing practice that specialises in pain free dentistry. There is no need to travel a long distance search for a dentist that offers painless dental treatment. At Healthy Smiles, we are excited to do everything possible to keep our patients comfortable while enabling them to take care of their dental health and improve their smiles.

If you have a dental emergency, we do schedule urgent appointments. A dental emergency should never be kept waiting and we will work to get you seen by one of our team as quickly as possible. Even if you suffer from a dental emergency, we can offer painless treatments to take care of the problem without causing any more pain. Our goal is to help you avoid pain and to take care of emergencies quickly so you can get back to your life.

Enjoy Painless Dental Work from the Start

When you first get in contact with our office, be sure to ask for information on pain free dentistry. We work with every new patient individually, making sure we understand your needs as completely as possible. Once you have your first appointment, our trained hygienists and dentists can offer you information on painless dentistry and the options available to you. We understand that it’s important to take care of your mouth and smile in a pain free manner and we will work hard to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout every appointment.

It’s important to note that our office offers general dental treatment services and a variety of cosmetic dental treatments as well. Some of the cosmetic procedures that can be taken care of in a pain-free way include the following:

  • Veneers
  • Bridges and Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Porcelain Restorations
  • And much more
Warning: “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.” Results shown above may vary from individual to individual.
Our goal is to make sure you leave with a
smile on your face!

At our clinic you’ll always find friendly, professional staff that will go out of there way to ensure your visit to the dentist is a happy one!


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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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