Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? After all, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. With the introduction of digital smile design, it is possible to have that curve on your face perfected as you want.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses computer software to analyse and redesign a patient’s smile. Photographs and videos of the dental proportions of a patient are taken from various angles are fed into proprietary software. The software then suggests potential solutions for restructuring the teeth of a patient. This is known as a smile makeover simulation which allows patients to determine their look before the dental procedure.

It has revolutionised cosmetic dental treatments. It can treat anomalies such as tooth root exposure, chipped teeth, misalignment, fracture, etc.

What is the process?

The first step that needs to be taken is to determine the dentist who provides digital smile design services. Once it’s done, the course of events is as follows.

1) Preliminary Consultation

On the first visit to the dentist, the procedure involved in digital smile design is explained. The dentist and the patient discuss what exactly the patient wants to achieve from this treatment. This preliminary consultation is very necessary as the dentist gets to know about the patient’s requirements and the patients are made aware of all the aspects of the Digital Smile Design process.

2) Gathering Information

The next step is to gather aesthetic and structural information on the teeth of the patient. High-quality digital photographs and short videos of the patient, while speaking and smiling, are recorded from various angles. These details are needed by the Smile Design software.

3) Smile Design / Simulation

Digital Smile Design software is an efficient tool. The information gathered in the second step is input into the software for analysis. The software then depicts feasible solutions as per the patient’s requirements. These possible outcomes are represented graphically in 3D form.

4) Patient Review

The 3D representations are demonstrated to the patient for review. And the patient can approve or ask for revisions in the design.  The dentist will only carry on with the process if the design is approved by the patient.

5) Cosmetic Procedure

The final step is to perform dental restoration or alignment. The length of the treatment and costs vary for each patient. Thorough care is taken during the procedure. Later, the patient is guided about post-operative care needed.

Advantages of Digital Smile Design

1) Efficient use of technology

The latest technology only enhances the explicability of the procedure through better visual perception. The patient gets to understand the whole process in an interactive way.

2) Motivation for patients

Because the patients can understand the process, view and decide the result beforehand, the fear associated with dental treatments is reduced. The digital smile design process motivates the patients.

3) Better predictability

As the outcome is predicted well in advance, the actual cosmetic surgery can be performed easily. The desired outcome serves as the blueprint to be followed.

4) Collaborative process

Patients and dentists are co-creators of smile design. Doing so avoids misunderstanding or disappointment on the patient’s side. The dentists also know exactly what they need to do.

Digital Smile Design is an advanced and easy way to achieve a smile makeover. Get in touch with us today and let Healthy Smiles Dental Group transform your smile into something beautiful.

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