Sleep Dentistry Prices

How Much Does Sleep Dentistry Cost in Melbourne?

At Healthy Smiles, the sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry prices often vary from one patient to another. We understand your financial concerns and assure you that our sleep dentist cost shall be within your budget. The Facility fee of $380.00 per hour then in increments of 15 minutes thereafter. This is charged by Sleep Dream Smile based on the length of my procedure and recovery time.  Minimum of two hours will be charged – however the Facility Fee will be capped at a maximum of $1,250.00 if your procedure exceeds three hours.  Short Procedure Facility Fee (procedures of 45 minutes or less clinical time) capped @ $550.00. This still varies depending upon the sedation you opt for the sleep dentistry. Here are the three categories that sleep dentist cost in Melbourne mostly splits into:


Dental procedure and treatment fees.


Fee for the Facility/ Theatre: The facility's cost is $380 in the first hour. The amount varies and depends upon the length of the dental procedure and the time required for recovery.


Fee for the Anaesthetics: The charge is approximately $1,280/hr and is claimable on Medicare. This shall be billed separately by your anaesthetist. The bill shall include costs for the time the anaesthetist spends while attending you, before and during the operation, during recovery after the process. Since the procedure is billed separately by the anaesthetist, you can claim a rebate for it through Medicare.

Here’s an example of a typical Anaesthetic Sleep Dentistry cost in Melbourne. It indicates the Medicare rebate you can get for different dental procedures.

Dental Procedure

Bone as well as Sinus Grafting
Complete Arch Implants
Complete Arch Implants along with Grafting
Entire Upper and Lower Implants

Anaesthetist Fee


An approximate rebate you will get through Medicare and Safety Net (Minimum to Maximum)

$1,470 to $1,740
$2,030 to $2,300
$2,830 to $3,100
$4,100 to $4,380

An approximate expenditure you will have to make.

$900 to $1,400
$1,100 to $1,500
$1,200 to $1,600
$1,300 to $1,700

The Anaesthetist fee is $890/hr and is claimable on Medicare. Most patients receive between 30-80% back on Medicare, based on their safety net and hence it becomes extremely affordable to have dental treatment done under general anaesthesia.

For a complete understanding of costs and your options feel free to ring us on 98772035 or come in for a free consultation with one of our experienced dentists to understand all your options.

Medicare Rebate

Medicare rebate is the one-third of the fee up to Safety Net, and then 80% is the balance. The rebate is subject to vary as it depends upon a lot of factors. The prices mentioned in the table are not permanent. At Healthy Smiles Blackburn, Melbourne, we offer you flexible and interest-free payment methods so that you can have a healthy smile in your budget. We accept the government’s policies and keep ourselves updated with the latest conditions and changes. Do contact us for further details on sleep dentistry cost Melbourne or to get answers to queries related to Medicare

Flexible Payment Plans Available!

Most people avoid dentistry as they believe it will be too expensive. At Healthy Smiles Blackburn, Melbourne, we understand your financial concerns, and hence we offer flexible and smart payment plans. It helps us serve you a healthy smile in your budget. We make quality dentistry affordable so that you genuinely smile after the dental procedure.

Interest-free Smart Payment Plans

At Healthy Smiles Blackburn, Melbourne, we offer our clients interest-free smart payment plans to ease their financial concerns. To avail of these, you need to fulfil these simple requirements:

18 years of age or more


Currently employed


Australian citizenship

The available flexible and smart payment methods’ term can range from 3 months to 24 months to not face financial stress. It can cover dental treatments costing up to or equal to $30,000. Some of these plans do not even require any upfront deposit!

We Proudly Partner With

At Healthy Smiles Blackburn, Melbourne, we understand that ignoring dental health due to financial reasons can be terrible. We partnered up with various insurance providers, so it becomes easier for you to rebate when you get a dental procedure done at our clinic. Some of these partners permit you to claim the insurance on the spot. Our list of excellent partners includes:

Open Pay










Sound Sleeper







We are associated with many more insurance providers. Do talk to our caring team to know whether your insurance is also covered.

Types of Treatments You Can Pair Up With Sleep Dentistry Melbourne

Healthy Smiles Blackburn, Melbourne, is a one-stop dentistry clinic that offers various services. You can avail sleep dentistry for the following procedures:
At Healthy Smiles Dentist Blackburn, Melbourne, we ensure sleep dentistry takes place under appropriate conditions and proper supervision. Our team of dentists are highly experienced and shall perform the sleep dentistry in such a manner that you will not even feel, remember, or see anything from the procedure. When you wake up, you will have a healthy smile without even a memory of the process. It is undoubtedly an excellent solution for you if you have been suffering from dental anxiety, fear of dental procedures, a terrible gag reflex, or a past bad dental experience.

Why Choose Healthy Smiles For Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne?

At Healthy Smiles Blackburn, Melbourne, we understand your fear of dentists and dental procedures. Our excellent team of amiable dentists has a lot of experience dealing with patients suffering from dental anxiety, fear, etc. You can opt for sleep dentistry at our Blackburn, Melbourne clinic without any fear. Our friendly team is exceptionally responsive. Get your dream smile with Healthy Smiles. If you have any queries or doubts about sleep dentistry prices Melbourne, sleep dentistry cost Melbourne, sleep dentistry prices near me, sedation dentistry prices, sleep dentist cost etc. feel free to contact us and get the answers right away.

Still, wondering how much does it cost for sleep dentistry?

Did you know that we offer FREE Initial Consultation? Call our caring team to Book a No-Obligation dental consultation at Healthy Smiles and get a proper costing for the sleep dentistry.

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